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How Covid-19 is Worsening The Addiction Pandemic?



Rates of substance abuse overdose have swelled over this year; about 70,980 died of a drug overdose in 2019, 4.6% increase over the year before. The addiction epidemic in 2020 has exploded drug overdose and caused higher rates of deaths recorded till May. Scientists think the Covid-19 pandemic has surged an alarming trend in overdose fatalities. As COVID-19 has worsened the situation and locked people with higher stress levels, people seek to overcome stress through alcohol and substance abuse.

Battling with the widespread addiction epidemic wasn’t enough on its own, and with coronavirus, the conflict has made things more challenging. But the blessings in time of disguise were Online AA meetings in Altha, FL, that assisted people to sustain in their recovery and to stay sober. Addiction recovery demands a higher deal of discipline, effort, and support. When resources were unavailable offline, Online meetings in Altha, FL, were tools and resources that are free and provided ongoing support for addiction treatment.

How to Respond to Addiction and COVID-19 Effects?

AA meetings in Altha, FL, have a motto to fight the addiction epidemic before COVID-19. They constantly helped and supported people to reduce the fatality rates due to overdoses. They are collaborating with individuals and treating them with the progressive, deadly disease of addiction. In the COVID crisis, their role increased as addicts struggle with storms of emotions and many other dimensions of difficulties.

AA meetings can drastically change and improve the physical, mental, spiritual, and trajectory of overall life facets. Below are some of the important lessons that AA meetings teach to overcome the struggle of addiction and empower your recovery process that has psychological undertones.

AA meetings in Altha, FL, have constructed the thinking and develop the sense of meaning and purpose in the life of addicts. Having meaning and purpose in life can motivate addicts, and it is extremely crucial to one’s general well-being and quality of life while impacting us physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, relationally, and in every facet in between. Recovering from an illness like addiction can be a great catalyst for exploring meaning and purpose in life, and it is one of the most valuable lessons in addiction recovery.

The second most imperative lesson they teach to respond to addiction is ‘gratitude.‘ “A grateful alcoholic does not use” is always pitched around the recovery community. Gratitude is a key component of the addiction recovery process; it teaches individuals that life does not appear to be aligned your way, but there is always something you should be grateful for.

Gratitude positively impacts mental health, decision-making, relationships, resilience, empathy, behavioral changes, and much more. Individuals who are in a state of gratitude are less likely to relapse and have a higher quality of life.

If you are interested in finding further AA meetings in Altha, Florida, or AA meetings near you, or want to connect with a peer group that assists in your recovery, get in touch with the AA meetings finder. Call Us Now –

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