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Hive馃悵Talk-September 26, 2018 Featuring Debasish Majumder, VIP



Debasish Majumder VIP
Vimarsh Development Solutions Private Limited.
Administrative Assistant
Calcutta - West Bengal, India

I love peoples vibes in hives, full with honey. as a bee, i love to collect honey from nectar which the lovely blossoms being produced by the contributors on beBee 's platform. a lovely company of delectable bees. what a grand platform i blessed to be adhered with!聽
Debasish Majumder

Featuring Debasish Majumder, our dear and admired beBee poet. His passion for poetry reveals his heart and soul. His artfully crafted words take his readers on amazing journeys letting them enjoy his spontaneous聽and flowing emotions.聽

Debasish Majumder owns the intent of this quote - "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words"- Robert Frost

Thank you for your delightful contributions Debasish Majumder. You are an asset to beBee.



鈥淢y heartiest tribute to all my fellow bees for their amazing endeavors and valuable contributions alluring many for this to make it site a wonderful one!鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淚 dare not to find any flaw

When I observe the beauty being rendered by an artist鈥檚 thaw

The aesthetic rendition alone draws gravity

Art is not a piece of cake for ordinary鈥檚 assimilating cavity!" - Debasish Majumder



鈥淪lumber is a routine affair

Till we breathe our last breathe in grand flavour

What a unique design nature construe

Awake and sleep, an amazing stew!鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淚 would like to request my fellow bees in this platform to give him a grand applause and I must confess along with him, you all are exquisite personalities, enabling me a lot to learn. Thank you very much my all fellow bees without you all, I may not able to learn and able to get the opportunity to acknowledge you which all are warmly entitled. I am capable to write because you all continuously encourage and support me to write. You people all are my strength. I stand by thee!鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淚 wonder, we all human

Having cerebral to think and nurture our acumen

Why can鈥檛 we ensure shed and protection?

With sincere endeavor make living beings paradise with a spirit of rejuvenation!鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淲e all move with a never ending motion

Wind is the only sign to usher all changes with exultation

We must show wind our utmost gratification

It only enables us with a force for such grand ramification!鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淧oems are my only resort to uphold majority鈥檚 voices and sustain!鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淚 am a thought

I percolate through myriad

Fluid is my character

In wavy nature I flow in rapture

Sometimes in top, sometimes in bottom鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淐omfort and discomfort is a unique dual

Both lies in the same situation and prevail

Hardly have we comprehended its melodrama

Going out of comfort zone, we consider it as belligerent panorama鈥 - Debasish Majumder



鈥淲e can only receive light and sound in abound

And transform it into mellifluous tune, which is profound

Accelerate the pace of civilization with emphatic and loud

Augment the pace of civilization to progress all rounds.鈥 - Debasish Majumder

Franci Eugenia Hoffman

To be a beBee bee is to be

I can be found here





About Franci Eugenia Hoffman-
I have held various positions in the insurance industry for over 20 years. I have been rewarded both professionally and personally due to results from taking responsibility and hard work. I am a strong problem solver with excellent analytical and creative skills. My fulfillment comes from the promotion of others.Franci

鈥淧oetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.鈥澛犅
Carl Sandburg

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Re: comment via Boyd Mulvany - it's too bad this occurs on this site Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR.
You lady bees 馃悵 Rock 馃憤馃憤馃憤馃悵馃悵馃悵馃悵
You're quite welcome, Jennifer. beBee oozes with talent plus it's a nice place to be.
Our wonderful poet bee deserves to bee in the spotlights 
WoW So happy to read this So proud of Debasish and Franci

CityVP Manjit

3 years ago #9

Debasish has a natural feel for poetry and his style is distinct. I know how challenging it is for me to even write 1 poem, never mind a whole books worth of writing.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #8

i am overwhelmed by the way you expressed your fervor for me Bill King! words can draw such a living picture of you beyond my ability to fathom my dear sir. yes you do resonates with my heart at ease! thank you very much for your warm appreciation. i am privileged and honored for your continuous support and appreciation. .
Thank you for your delightful comment Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee.
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Debasish Majumder. It was difficult to select only a few out your many worthy contributions. You deserve any and all praise. Keep writing, my friend.

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #5

Generous and deep are the first words thating to mind when I think about the overall contribution to Debasish on beBee primarily and other platforms too, a well deserved shout out me thinks :-)

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #4

Plato was not a conqueror, but a mentor for the great Alexander! without whom perhaps he may not glow so eloquently! you may not write poetry, at least not publish. but unless one love poetry and capable to write, how can he support and evaluate it aptly sir Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee? i cannot rule out that right from the inception it is you who not only support and appreciate but navigate me with plenty of contents and your amazing wisdom for which today i can mere capable to translate it with my little ability. i do believe without the mentor like you, i may not able to make my ephemeral presence. thank you very much sir for your continuous support and appreciation and obviously a rendition of humility is an axiom for many to follow.
Dears Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador- congratulations both of you on this buzz. Franci you wrote "take his readers on amazing journeys letting them enjoy his spontaneous and flowing emotions".I couldn't agree more as I have challenged Debasish to write a poem on certain topics and in few hours he produced each one of them with an amazing flow. Thank you so much also for selecting a poem that mentions me and I am grateful to both of you. I smile when I read that dear Debasish says I am his mentor. He is a born-poet and I am not. I simply enjoy musical poetry, but I don't compose music or poetry. I am not a mentor and I am only a supporter of good poems. Great tribute to the "Poet of beBee".

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

Ali \ud83d\udc1d Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee, and many more whom i pay my heartiest tribute for their continuous support and appreciation. i am privileged and honored.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #1

Tears clouded my eyes with an unspeakable joy I am literally marooned, but I float with your buoy By your amazing rendition I wonder am I worth of such accolades and gratification? I love the jocund company of my all fellow bee For whom only I do exist with glee! thank you very much madam Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador and many more.

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