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Hive馃悵Talk - Featuring Jim Murray, VIP, beBee Brand Ambassador - June 10, 2019

Hive馃悵Talk - Featuring Jim Murray, VIP, beBee Brand Ambassador - June 10, 2019

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Jim Murray VIP

Onwords & Upwords Inc聽
Creative Director, Writer, Art Director, Project Manager聽
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada聽


O&U provides strategic focus, concepts, copy writing & editing, art direction and production in all on and offline media for SMEs and funded startups.
My primary objective is simply helping my clients build their business through the power of well-focused, relevant & compelling communication. Jim Murray

Featuring, Jim Murray, our creative and commonsensical bee that so eloquently shares his knowledge and experiences about writing, communication, business and more. It didn't take much to convince me after delving into Jim's many excellent contributions to beBee that he is as sincere as the day is long. Jim Murray, a true asset to beBee as a person and a writer.

The Network TV Season That Was
My wife is one of those people who is world class at things like needlepoint, embroidery, quilting and miniature building. She spends most evenings doing these things and needs the TV to relieve her eyes from squinting at tiny stuff. Most of my TV watching is the result of keeping her company. The life, you speak of, happens during the day. We have a big garden and a pool to tend to and I usually ride about 20 KM.Jim Murray


Hey Junk Bloggers鈥hape Up Or Ship Out
And so readers spend as much time wading through junk blogs as they do reading good stuff, maybe even more.Jim Murray

The most remarkable
achievement of our lives will
be having developed the ability
to thrive in a world of almost
total bullshit.

Take A Few Minutes Out Of Your Busy Day To Think About the Future Of Humanity
The trouble is that the majority of people out there, for one reason or another, no longer seem to have the ability or desire to question what they are being told. Especially when it comes to the big things, like what kind of culture do you want to have.Jim Murray

He Said...He Said

Conversations Across
Usa The 49th Parallel CANADA

Pal ‘Grumpy’ Pricdman Jim Grouchy” Murray

One of My First, And Best Selfies -- Circa 1978
But life is like that I guess, and if there is any lesson to be learned here it鈥檚 that you should always go with your gut, because you have nothing to lose by trying.Jim Murray

The Raging Editorialist

; \

The Curse And The Blessing
Writers are cursed with a need to know things, so that they can use that knowledge to develop perspectives that they can feed back into the world through their work.Jim Murray

The Monday Morning Luarterback
\ dl Co”

Is Social Media Killing Genuine Philosophical Thought?
Jim Murray and Phil Friedman created this post series as a public service, to provide their perspectives on the business side, and sometimes the social side, of social media and business in general. Both Jim and Phil are experienced entrepreneurs and former corporate executives, professional writers, high impact bloggers and human beings. These posts represent their professional opinions. All comments are welcome and, in fact, encouraged.Jim Murray

He Said...He Said

Why I Keep Posting Anti Trump Rants From Canada & Why Every Canadian Should Too.
A few days ago, somebody, probably an American, asked me why I do a daily mini rant on Donald Trump over on Facebook. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a Canadian鈥, she said. "What concern is it of yours?鈥滼im Murray


The Power Of Finding & Following Your Passion
If you are a real writer, writing is an addiction of sorts that is fed by your passions. It鈥檚 not so much something you do, but more a part of who you are.Jim Murray


Gullibility. Or How The Snake Oil Salesmen Pick Their Marks.
Because after all, social media is really just a bunch of people, like any other bunch of people you can name. And quite a few of them will not really be able to see the snake oil for what it is. Nor will they question it is it is presented as the solution to some issue they are facing.Jim Murray


What I Tell People About BeBee
And you know how that goes鈥f there ain鈥檛 no audience, there just ain鈥檛 no show Jim Murray


Screwed, Blued & Tattooed. That鈥檚 How The Majority of LI Pulse Writers Have To Be Feeling These Days
This is the 16th post in this series by myself and my Florida amigo and fellow bee, Phil Friedman. This is actually the 鈥榓fter鈥 version of our previous post in which we wrap up our discussion of the current state of affairs for writers in The Lumpy Kingdom of The Mighty Hamsters, aka LinkedIn.Jim Murray


Why I Have Never Actually Worked A Day In The Last 40 Years.
The people who get things done in this world are people who don鈥檛 really think about what they do as work. It their passion. It鈥檚 a big part of their psyche. It鈥檚 an addiction. And it鈥檚 the thing that drives them.Jim Murray


This Is My "About Page"
I have been married to the same wonderful woman since the early 1970s. I have two great kids (one a novelist, the other a professional baker and bakery manager) and two grandsons. I am an avid cyclist, and have been since childhood. I am also a photographer and a mentor to several independent entrepreneurial businesses.Jim Murray


A Day In The Life. It's Not Exactly A Beatles' Song, But I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.
Once you become a writer, it鈥檚 kind of like joining the mafia. There鈥檚 no quitting, no getting out, no leaves of absence, no sabbaticals. You may get the odd vacation, but that only relaxes you and gives you the energy you need to write even more.Jim Murray


Franci Eugenia Hoffman

beBee Brand Ambassador

Franci enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it鈥檚 time for Franci to follow her dreams by doing things she enjoys鈥pending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, and writing poetry. Franci鈥檚 writing and creative endeavors can be found at her blogs, Eugi鈥檚 Causerie and Eugi鈥檚 Potpourri. Franci has authored eBooks Fanciful Delights and Mama, me and Mother Nature, and also has writings at Spillwords, PoetrySoup, and


Ken Boddie

1 year ago #15

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #13

Good to see some of your past biographical posts, like this one, doing the rounds again, @Franci 馃悵Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador   I, for one, love to see them, although I鈥檓 not sure that many of our bees, both new and old, are fully aware of how much time and effort goes into them. 

You nailed it Cyndi!

Cyndi wilkins

3 years ago #11

Yep...Says it like it is...No BS in the Jim Murray monologues...Shape up or ship out! Nice one Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador;-)
Thank you Debasish Majumder, and thank you to all of you that shared!
That he is Pascal Derrien!
My pleasure, Jim. You have so many excellent posts to choose from! I had difficulty in selecting only a few to not make my post too lengthy.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #7

i am rather regretting madam for forgetting to mention Jim Murray an axiom in beBee who truly admire and lift the spirit of this platform to a amazing height! kudos to you.

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #6

Jim Murray is truly unique and one of a kind. He is one of the most iconic writer on this platform and beBee would certainly not be the same without him :-)
My pleasure, Jim. You have so many excellent posts to choose from! I had difficulty in selecting only a few to not make my post to lengthy.
Thank you Debasish Majumder!

Jim Murray

3 years ago #3

Wow. Franci. Thank you so much. I'm humbled.

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

as always a buzz for inspiration Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz madam.

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