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Greenroom; Checkout Clubhouse Latest Competitor By Spotify

“The Swedish online music streaming giant, Spotify, recently launched a live audio app called Greenroom. Many users are already considering it a strong competitor of Clubhouse. Keep reading this blog to know more about this platform!”

Conventional media has always been focused on two major reactions from its user base; watching & listening. While watching is associated with media channels like print and television, listening is majorly associated with platforms like radio. Now in the era of digitalization, the concept of watching and listening is interconnected with the expansion of social media platforms. 

We have largely explored the concept of watching through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and much more. But the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic witnessed the rise in audio-based applications. That is the reason why a lot of global visionaries, tech elites, and entrepreneurs are launching light-hearted drop-in audio mobile apps. 



Greenroom: Checkout Clubhouse's
Latest Competitor By Spotify

Today, through this blog post, we will be focusing on the rise of a new live audio app called Greenroom. So what are you waiting for? Let us get started right away! 

Greenroom; Spotify Launches A Clubhouse Competitor!

Greenroom is a live audio app for Android and iOS by Spotify. It is the company's initial attempt to develop a social media platform. The app permits the users to host live conversations about music, sports, and culture. Many are considering it a tough competitor of another popular audio-only app, Clubhouse. 

Spotify launched this app after acquiring Betty Labs. It is the company behind the app called Locker Room, a famous sports-based audio platform. So the users that have been logged on to the Locker Room application since the beginning will now have to get used to audio content other than sports. 


Since Greenroom is based on Locker Room, the changes are majorly visual. It is now green-&-black themed like Spotify with a brand new logo. 

Users can sign-up with their Spotify login, but it isn't mandatory for this app. It has a native recording that permits the user base to save their favorite shows and distribute them as podcasts. The users can select the domains they are interested in.      

The company also announced a creator fund, but details are yet to be announced. Through this initiative, the users of the app will be paid depending upon the popularity of their rooms. It is a great initiative by the company to lure the creators, but the amount hasn't been finalized yet. The official announcements are likely to come over the summer. 

Wrapping It Up!

First Clubhouse, now Greenroom, it is as if every business is trying to incorporate the rising popularity of audio-based social media apps. It is fascinating to witness so many businesses explore this trend, even though the popularity didn't exist until March 2020.       

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs are focusing on social audio trends. We already have spaces by Twitter, and giants like LinkedIn, Discord, Slack, and Reddit have already initiated the development of similar applications. 

This trend would force anyone to think if the audio-based concept will set the tone for the future of mobile app development? The answer is still not clear. But we will soon find out!   

What are your views on audio-based social media apps? Will you ever consider creating an app like Clubhouse or Greenroom for business? Have you thought about the monetization process? Get to the comment section and share your views with us. You can also reach out to us in case you want to fetch in-depth technical details about the development process.      

Until our next update, stay tuned to this space for more tech-related updates from all around the world!  

Happy reading! 

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