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Global Actuary Investor Authority: EarnedPath

Global Actuary Investor Authority: EarnedPathDescription

  • The Global Actuary Investor Authority (GAIA) manages complex network mapping issues for diversified User-Groups that participate in virtual community offering investment oversight insuring our planet is safe.
  • A transparent (defense-in-depth) Global Actuary Investor Authority = investor guaranteed contributions relating safety and planetary sustenance
  • Earned Path combines the need for trained workers in growing “green” industry occupations with the career desires of people in the United States of America and elsewhere who are underprivileged.
  • Earned Path establishes custom-training programs designed to increase efficiency and energy independence for stakeholders using program management controls that measure scheduling and project development efforts. Earned Path training programs schedule teams focused on splitting apart priorities for people within a given development network. Scheduled activities are framed around cost centers using performance indicators and other measurable instruments. Logic-based path analysis associates budgeted deliverables using Critical Path Method (CPM) to minimize overlap and optimize work packages. Parent tasks associated with work packages define a training program. Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) helps document milestones according to the percentage of completed work. PERT charting shows the logical relationship of activities including subtasks. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with work shift variables provides data needed for planning and diagramming.
  • Evolves cognitive system using semantic drivers to define areas of interest and access privileges for whole User-Group communities.
  • Establish criteria for roles, rules, standards and practices associated with the secure (private) exchange of data over the Internet for communities of interest.
  • The hard and soft impacts of confidentiality establish the problem framework, and fundamental order needed for solutions of practical network usage and open market systems. Through broad-based cooperation, the Virtual Commons can satisfy measures intended to “marry" the customer experience to a benevolent global mission using words in order to secure consistent deeds. The Virtual Commons serves as “hope therapy” for the emergence of kinetic and dynamic "change agents" needed to construct and enforce privacy among self-interested virtual communities.
  • Knowledge is Power (I) x Energy is Fuel (E) x End-outcomes are Divine (D) = Safety in Numbers (N): Sustainability (S) ~ ERES Capacity for ENRICHMENT
  • IED=NS (ability to identify future potential: framework for guaranteeing ecologic "soundness")


#1 work towards true sustainability (Commonwealth)
#2 industry adoption to create reuse (GiantERP)
#3 focus on common core (Clean Water, Food, Shelter, Work & Love)
#4 a number anyone can call for real help (UN NGO)
#5 community of interest transparency (Aura-Tech)
#6 relative energy equal pay (Earned Path)
#7 personal-public-private ontology (Game Theory)
#8 global standards (Global Actuary Investor Authority)
#9 areas of interest (PlayNAC)
#10 Empirical Realtime Education System (RT Media)

Why The United Nations (UN)

  • A UN Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) posits the best remediation "vehicle" for establishing a New World Order where peace Missions can absolve the destructive means of organization that have fed off inhumanity and suffering through concealed methods to obstruct pacifism and assure united methods towards sustaining Self, Family, Community, Nation, Planet, World and Universe.
  • A fourth "leg" to the United States Government would further assure Family Amity in conjunction with this effort, whereas the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches could help strengthen resolve to assure liberty and justice for all using the advice and consent of a "transparent" Global Actuary Investor Authority (GAIA).

Why The Internet Society (ISOC)

  • The Internet has become both trusted source and feared adversary. ISOC is at the center of where technology meets the notion of a “digital democracy”. Security in the virtual world must not be relegated to restrictive networks that cannot be accessed by the general public in times of emergency, whereas transmission of personal, public and private data must be safeguarded
    accordingly. The world needs help maximizing those benefits associated with Web technology for social advantage. The notion of “privacy” has universal appeal, where the need for authority and privilege is obvious, yet highly complex. Only ISOC is capable of influencing next generation technologies on the scale needed to deliberate obstacles that prohibit wider adoption including transparency, accessibility, interoperability, insurability and survivability.

Insurance Guide

  • Health SENTIMENT — Workers
  • Civil RELATIVITY — Tax
  • Medical ACTUARIALS — Liability
  • Data PERSONAGE — Sustenance
  • Home CONDITION — Mortgage
  • Casualty REMEDIATION — Reinsurance
  • Employment INTELLIGENCE — Compensation
  • Travel RENDITION — Property
  • Education PROCESS — Weather

Business Model

  • Gain visibility and increase membership through sponsored promotion and development of virtual communities.
  • Qualifying criteria for Earned Path careers are defined by employers, groups and associations in concert with emerging funding through local, state, federal and international economic development programs.
  • Partner roles exist for governments, insurers, trusted 3rd parties including financial institutions and identity managers, vendor-neutral “standards” bodies, ISOC members who support Virtual Private Network interoperability and any member of the general public who may need real time access to critical communications (e.g. in times of emergency).
  • Actuary (risk rating) system with QoS and Survivability “Certification” for PlayNAC Members.
  • “Interoperable” VPN Service Grid with legislative controls that support Digital Democracy (e.g. jurisdictional coverage).
  • “Automated” network response system with heuristic and adaptive threat management, AAA, reporting, mediation & enforcement within PlayNAC.
  • “Comprehensive” PlayNAC access support for anyone with a browser and Web connection.
  • "Meritcology" derived reference architecture incorporates Institutional reasoning possessing Non-Punitive Merits surrounding Ecologic Sustenance.

Risk Management

  • Selecting English as the “default reference” for PlayNAC may alienate (non-English) constituents and User-Groups in the marketplace.
  • Debate concerning use of “industries” as focal point for cognitive (semantic) systems exists.
  • Use of “keyword” TLD domains may produce detractors who prefer alternative naming strategy.
  • Creating public “doorways” to industry-sponsored resource gateways has inherent threats and vulnerabilities.
  • A public key system of authentication is highly susceptible to attack.
  • Complex policies may not be enforceable in law.
  • Public policy issues surrounding data security may detract from the effectiveness of potential PlayNAC benefits.
  • Intellectual Property conflicts may exist.
  • The “Honeypot” nature of keyword domains may provoke “politicalization” of roles and rules, especially concerning intelligence gathering, mediation and enforcement.

Common Core -- Critical Infrastructure

  • Open Source ... Commonwealth (Merit)
  • Clean Water Food Shelter Work Love … Sustenance (Reality)
  • Mind Body Spirit Soul … Sentience (Cognition)
  • Earth Fire Wind Water … Confluence (Intuition)

New World Order

  • Ego = Root, Pride = STEM
  • e.motion x + e.mission =/~ U-N-I_verse
  • Knowledge is only absolute if you can reason with experience
  • Economies of Scale
  • Force Multiplication
  • La Grange Points
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • UN RESCORE: Clean Water, Food, Shelter, Work, Love
  • Science as a means to enable willing participants
  • Measure of time, effort and intelligence using user-group Ontologies to associate communities of interest, game theory and social designs for sustainability.

Party Franchise

  • All Good = One God
  • Pundit Unification: Cybernetically limited people given political means
  • Trifurcation: Personal-Public-Private (P³ Context)
  • Literal-Figurative-Subjective, Past-Present-Future, Prescriptive-Proscriptive-Inscriptive
  • HowWay = AnswerQuestion.IT.MyWay
  • Punitive Reasoning vs. Non-Punitive Remediation

EarnedPath Process Management

  • Critical Path Method (CPM): Time-Distance
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Matter-About
  • Program Evaluation & Review Technique: Space-Emotion

Six Layer RDF

WHAT "is" ________ ?/. (Defense-In-Depth)

  • Transparency: Ecologic (Purpose) Resource (Technology)
  • Accountability: Biomedical (Reason) Purpose (Resource)
  • Due_Diligence: Instruction Technology (Question) Reason (Purpose)
  • Aptitude: Internet Protocol (Answer) Question (Reason)
  • Acceptance: Higher Learning (Technology) Answer (Question)
  • Remediation: Elementary (Resource) Technology (Answer)
  • Real-time decision support
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  • Communicates threats and opportunities relative to key sectors within the economy
  • Open-source data “wrapper” technology: disguise, encrypt, and cloak user data
  • Aggregated data flows are indexed within a cognitive meta data directory
  • Converts structured data into a product serving the individual, group, enterprise, or community
  • Answers Key Challenge: becoming part of a community
  • Resource Description Framework
  • Knowledge Management System (KMS)
  • Lexical Adjudication
  • Canotonical Reasoning
  • Etymological Foresight
  • Epistemological Deference
  • Spacial Recognition
  • Semantic Mediation
  • Social Navigation

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