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From Causes to Lyme disease Treatment San Diego

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An Introduction and Its Causes 

Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is a viral disease transmitted from infected ticks to people. A tick will become infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease if it bites an animal carrying the bacteria. By biting a human, the tick will then transmit the bacteria to them. Ticks can be found in areas of dense or overgrown trees, as well as areas where they can prey on wildlife. They can be found in gardens and parks, as well as woods and heath fields. Ticks don't hop or run, so if you come up against whatever they're on, they'll crawl onto your clothing or skin. They bite into your skin and begin feeding on your blood. If a tick stays stuck to the skin for longer than 24 hours, you're more likely to become sick.

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Its Symptoms 

 A conspicuous circular rash appears at the site of the tick bite in many people with early-stage Lyme disease, normally three to 30 days after being bitten. Erythema migrans is the medical term for this condition recommended by Lyme disease specialist San Diego. The rash is sometimes characterized as resembling a dartboard bull's-eye. The infected region of skin would be red, with slightly elevated edges. The rash's size may vary greatly, and it can spread over many days or weeks. It's usually about 15cm long, but it can be even bigger or smaller. In the early stages of Lyme disease, certain patients develop flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, muscle discomfort, hip pain, headaches, and elevated fever, and neck stiffness. If Lyme disease remains unaddressed or is not treated early on, more severe symptoms can appear weeks, months, or even years later. These include joint pain and swelling, central nervous tissues such as unconsciousness and pain of the limbs, specific facial paralysis, memory problems, and trouble concentrating, heart issues such as cellulitis (inflammation of the heart muscle or sac surrounding the heart), heart block, and cardiac arrest, and swelling of the membranes underlying the lungs.

Its Treatment 

If you have Lyme disease signs, you will most likely be prescribed antibiotic pills, capsules, or liquid. Depending on the level of the disorder, most patients would need a two- or four-week course. When you've been given antibiotics, you must complete the course, even if you're doing fine, to guarantee that all of the bacteria are destroyed. You can be referred to a doctor for antibiotic injections if the symptoms are especially serious (intravenous antibiotics). Any antibiotics used to treat Lyme disease will make the skin more photosensitive. In both situations, you should prevent excessive sun exposure and refrain from using sunbeds until after the procedure is completed. Since the root cause of post-infectious Lyme disease is unknown, there is currently no strong consensus about the right cure. Be wary of websites that promote experimental medical tests and therapies that aren't backed up by science. In addition to Lyme disease, lymphatic therapy services' therapists are serving body lymphatic drainage San Diego and body lymphatic drainage massage San Diego. 




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