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Five ways to improve your understanding of the Bible

1) Know the author.

Having a relationship with God permits us to have an inside incite to His writings.

2) Talk to the author.

Having consistent conversations with God helps us to understand how He speaks and how He directs.

3) Read the book.

It is necessary to read the Bible to get an understanding of what it actually says verse what we have been told it says.

4) Discuss the book with the author.

The best ways to get a true picture of God’s intent for a passage is to ask Him.

5) Discuss the book with others.

Discussing what you read with others gives us another avenue to hear God’s answer to our questions about His word. It is recommended that we discuss it with people who we trust, but hearing how others understand it is instructive as well.

Now it is obvious that each of these five points could easily fill a chapter but the fundamental points would not change. Applying these points will improve our understanding of what we read in the Bible. They help with other books also.

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Greg Rolfe

5 years ago #1

Very true. It is amazing how the whole book works together.#1

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