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Five tips to help you learn the art of designing cardboard boxes

Every company aims to display its product in the best way possible. So, packaging is one of the best ways to achieve this, especially when you manufacture a product with many competitors. To catch the customer's eye, you need to show them what they haven't seen before. Therefore, you can do this by using various customizations to make your cardboard boxes look remarkable.

Eye-catching packaging has various benefits; for instance, it piques the customer’s attention. This intrigues the customer to know more about your product, which is necessary to increase your sales. Therefore, if you want to enhance your product’s display, read these excellent tips to help you out. 

Start by choosing an apt design


Selecting an appropriate design for your boxes is essential to create perfect boxes. Cardboard packaging boxes are available in various designs. Moreover, you can customize the shape and size of all these designs to fit your product. Some of the most popular designs for these boxes are:

● Mailer boxes.

● Sleeve boxes.

● Book-end boxes.

● Display boxes.

● Two-piece boxes.

To make the designs even more appealing, you can choose a suitable coating too. There are two coatings offered by packaging companies for cardboard gift boxes

● Gloss coating: This coating gives the box a shiny look. Moreover, it can make any color you choose to look bright and eye-catching.

● Matte coating: As denoted by the name, this coating gives a matte and elegant look to your boxes.  

Make your boxes stick out. 

Whenever you go to a retail store, you may have seen similar products offered by different brands. This makes it hard to choose a product. So, what most people do is that they choose the product that catches their eye first. Therefore, creating distinctive custom corrugated boxes is more important than you think. This helps your product stand out so that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of hundreds of other products. Now, this may seem hard, but you don’t need to worry. There are numerous ways to design spectacular boxes.

For instance, the first thing that customers notice about a box is its color. Thus, choosing a unique combination of colors can have a significant impact on your design. Furthermore, colors can also increase the appeal of your box as well. To make the colors even more impressive, you can choose an appropriate color model too. The two-color models you can choose from are:


● PMS.

On the other hand, add-ons are also useful in creating exceptional cardboard packaging boxes. You can think of them as accessories that make your packaging look better than ever. There are many different add-ons available that can be used in any way you want. These add-ons include:

● Spot UV.

● Debossing.

● Embossing

● Foil stamping.

● Die-cutting.

● PVC windows.

Focus on what to print


People always read outside of the box to get to the product inside. This helps them know if the product is suitable for them and makes their buying decision easier. Thus, it is necessary to mention impressive details about your product compellingly. Moreover, reading such a description will convince the customer to buy your product. Also, it is essential to print the logo and brand name to make your box stand out. Furthermore, you can print your brand’s tagline too.

In addition to customizing the font style and size, you can choose a suitable printing technique as well. There are three techniques available for Cardboard Boxes Wholesale. These techniques include:

● Digital printing: This is the most affordable technique. However, it is not very durable and fades away after a specific period of time. Hence, it can be used for limited or precise marketing.

● Flexography printing: This is an affordable technique, as well. However, its price increases if you increase the colors as well.

● Offset printing: This technique gives a glossy finish to the printed material and makes it more elegant.

Secure the products with inserts

Inserts are very beneficial if you want to keep your products safe, especially during deliveries and shipping. They keep the products in place even if the box falls. Therefore, they prevent the items inside from being damaged or broken. Moreover, this feature also makes the assembling of the products look appealing and neat. Thus, when customers open the box, they see your products in their full glory without any damage. Furthermore, this gives them a fantastic unboxing experience, which increases customer satisfaction.

There are several different inserts available for Customize Cardboard Boxes. These options include:

● Cardboard.

● Paper.

● Punch inserts.

● Foam.

● Blister.

● Fence inserts.

Go for a company that fits your expectations


Selecting a packaging company requires a lot of care and consideration. You have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the different choices you have. Therefore, you can do this by comparing the type of services, prices, delivery charges, etc. After making a decision, you can contact the company to order custom cardboard packaging boxes. Moreover, you can also request a prototype to ensure if your chosen design and customizations are satisfactory or not. 

Pick UrgentBoxes for diverse packaging solutions

UrgentBoxes is a packaging company in the US. Here, you can easily customize cardboard boxes wholesale for any product that you manufacture. Moreover, they offer quality services at economical prices as well.

At UrgentBoxes, you can also order sturdy cardboard corrugated boxes to ship your products to any location you want safely. Furthermore, they also offer free delivery in the USA.

For more information, you can contact their customer care or visit their website as well. 


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