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FISH, MOON, MOON & NUMBERS                                                                                                               8/31/2017

A surgeon must know precisely where to intervene with surgery in order to save and improve a patient life. OK, then, it is being said that we can survive well only as long as we remain honest to our own ideals, and unfortunately I left my ideals behind me long ago; however, I have identified the seven years’ time frame of my two wounds, so infected and in decay through time. I know now with certainty the cause and all the pertinent facts. Honestly, I don’t care if you can’t follow me with the details, what it matters to track is that It didn’t happened 10 years ago, 10 years ago is when everything got to extremes. The beginning took place twenty two years ago, in 1995, and a second time in 2002, a seven year time frame. This much I would like you to take in consideration as I keep on sharing with you my story.

Jacob was later named Israel by an angel he fought with, according to the Biblical tale. On his arrival at Haran Jacob met Rachel, his uncle's second daughter. Jacob offered to serve Laban seven years for Rachel. Laban, however, deceived him at the end of that period by giving him Leah instead of Rachel, and exacted of him a further service of seven years for Rachel, though he gave her to him immediately after the conclusion of Leah's wedding-feast (ib. xxix. 1-28). Having finished the second term of seven years, Jacob stayed with Laban six years longer, tending his sheep for pay, which consisted, according to an agreement between them, of all the spotted, speckled, and ring-straked sheep and goats born in the flocks. Jacob, by means of peeled sticks which he set up before them, caused all the strongest of the flocks to bear speckled and spotted offspring. Thus he baffled the plans of Laban, who endeavored to deprive him of his hire (ib. xxxi. 7, 8), and Jacob amassed great wealth (ib. xxx. 26-43).

Seven, and another seven, and six more year’s ad to 20, and then another two years walking along the desert way back home, that ads to twenty two years in total. He wrestles with the Angel that changes his name to Israel while wrestling, the angel touched the hollow of Jacob's thigh, causing him to limp; but the angel was overpowered by Jacob, who would not let him go until blessed by him. The angel then changed Jacob's name to "Israel" ( , apparently shortened from =

"he overpowered Elohim").

Uh-huh! The past two years… Left alone near the end of the cliff, he asked me to let him go. I didn’t want to, but he suddenly left to not return, and I kept on walking alone, and here I am brave like a surgeon. Jacob was deprived of the company of his most beloved son for twenty-two years, just as Isaac was of Jacob. I deprived myself from having the guts to pursue my ideals, I deprived myself of sunlight and love. Why?, ask.

                                                                                                                                                                    (To be continued).

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