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Finding your voice

Finding your voice

Finding your voice

Finding your voice is an interesting idea. Now, to ensure we are all on the same page as to what this phrase means, it is shorthand for understanding your opinion and having the willingness to express it. Finding your voice is generally considered a good thing as it promotes your ability to interact in society and represent yourself accurately.

Obviously, the problem arises when you believe you are finding your voice when you are actually simply parroting the opinion of others or of your social group and indeed not your own. This happens a lot in schools, churches, and many if not all social groups. This self-deception is a problem because the person expressing the opinion can in fact actually not have at any time considered what they are expressing. Finding your voice is all about considering what you are voicing. It is about being conscious about the words that you use and the meaning they have.

Finding your voice is very empowering but only if the voice you have found is actually your own. Now for many, this means you have to have an opinion on everything, when in fact we hardly ever have an opinion on everything, though we are often willing to express an opinion on just about anything. Que social media.

Think before you speak. Think before you act. Thinking is the key to finding your own voice. Learning to ponder and consider the actual positions surrounding the topic you wish to weigh in on. Some issues and topics are very much worth the time and effort other are very much not. Find your voice and use it wisely. Make your mark and know what you believe. There is enough noise out there, no need to add to it.


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Greg Rolfe

3 months ago #10

Pascal Derrien

3 months ago #9

I guess the tone of you voice may vary depending on what you are going thru in fine we all have one its a question of whether and why we want to use it :-)

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

3 months ago #8

Greg Rolfe

3 months ago #7

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

3 months ago #6

This is a fascinating message! I struggled a bit finding my own voice when I started writing and now I have a similar challenge for a different medium of expression. Then again, I remember from my choir days but in England that if you can't find your own voice, you cannot contribute meaningfully to a team of singers… Thank you for the reminder of this paramount matter!

Greg Rolfe

3 months ago #5

Greg Rolfe

3 months ago #4

John Rylance

3 months ago #3

The snowflake comment comes from the voiced opinion of one Stanislav Lec a Polish Poet

John Rylance

3 months ago #2

Ken Boddie

3 months ago #1

Now there’s an idea, Greg. Why don’t we think before we speak, write or text, rather than join in on the cacophonous babbling of the masses? The internet can be such a source of material to read, evaluate and to help us form logical opinions, if we only apply simple reasoning, identify the applicable facts, and separate them from the interpretations, opinions and spin with which others choose to distort them. BTW I’m not a fan of the expression “finding your voice”. It implies that we’ve either been careless in loosing it in the first place, or else that we’re recovering from laryngitis. 😂🤣😂

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