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Expected Real Estate Trends Following the Pandemic


The strict preventive measures against coronavirus spread have had a massive impact on the real estate industry. Starting from the low hotel tenancy demands to increased rental vacancy rates and lower transaction volumes in offices and retail facilities, the pandemic dealt harshly with the real estate industry. Luckily, the pandemic encouraged the reinvention of some unique home and office features to curtail the coronavirus spread.


As the heart of every home, kitchens could serve as blind spots if not overhauled in line with the Covid-19 prevention protocols. That’s the reason the current kitchen is more than just a cooking space. Buyers are looking for kitchens with highly hygienic spaces with reinvented comfort, functionality, and boosted utilities. Therefore, as a homeowner, consider redesigning the kitchen to look and feel larger with designs that provide germ-free and sterile environments.

Whenever possible, add clean quartz worktops and contactless technologies. With smart appliances and advanced designs, the kitchen minimizes contact points while boosting overall comfort and functionality.


The majority of employees are currently working from home, raising the demand for home offices. In addition, thousands of homeowners have turned their unused rooms or patio decks into comfort-centric, office-friendly spaces following the pandemic. Therefore, when planning to sell or rent a house, consider incorporating an office. It’s important to note that some individuals will prefer their office to be part of their house while others prefer it to be separate but in the same compound.

A patio or a backyard will make a big first impression on a potential buyer. As a result, the demand for outdoor spaces is on the rise. Adding a patio with comfy and relaxing office-centric chairs, a balcony table, and quality lighting are the essential ingredients for a smooth transition. In addition, proper ventilation and cooling make these spaces healthier by boosting air quality and occupant comfort.


The demand for larger bathrooms optimized for practicality and elegance has also increased following the pandemic. People are going for large bathrooms featuring modern partition screens, barn doors, sliding pocket doors, brassware, impressive lightings, and fashionable tiles. Others prefer the zoned modern spaces with luxe bathing spaces creatively linked to master bedroom walk-in closets.

The trendiest bathrooms come with double-ended bathtubs and large showers that add luxury to the entire bathing experience. More creative homeowners go for shower enclosures and curved vanities to make their smaller bathroom spaces larger.

These are highly anticipated real estate trends following the pandemic that could make home spaces more practical, healthier, and spacious. Thus, anyone planning to sell or rent out a house should consider incorporating the features mentioned above.

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