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Everything you should know about protective motorcycle race suits!

Many motorcycle riders like to wear motorcycle race suits while riding that come in three protective and toughest materials, leather, Cordura, and Kevlar. The best motorcycle tracksuits have the ability to protect your body from anything harmful that might come in your way like, impacts, bad weather, pavements, and others. This article will teach you about some major types, benefits, and other things that could help you in selecting the best motorcycle tracksuit for yourself.




Categories of motorcycle race suits-


When you finally decide to wear a motorcycle race suit, the next thing you need to decide after that is whether to choose a two-piece or a one-piece, both have their own pros and cons. One-piece motorcycle race suits are more popular among expert racers for the way they form the single smooth unit but these race suits also have benefits for casual riders. Without any break between the top and bottom halves, one-piece motorcycle tracksuits are more beneficial in terms of safety and ease. You can easily open it up or zip it back quickly for bathroom breaks in races or if you want to just breathe. But some riders feel restricted in one-piece suits and others could not find their sizes.


These motorcycle race suits consist of separate armored pants and jackets, and just like on-piece suits, they have protective armor and enough storage space. Two-piece suits can cost less than one-piece suits and you can feel easier, but it’s hard to be warm and dry when your race suit has a gap at the waist and also the zipper could break in one or two falls.


Advantages of motorcycle race suit-


  • Security from accidents- the best motorcycle race suits are secured by CE-certified armors that absorb the impacts of bumps and other hard things on the road. They are made with tough abrasion-resistant materials like leather, Cordura, and Kevlar, all having their own abilities not to fall apart during an accident. Motorcycle race suits made with leather are high in demand among racers while casual riders usually prefer textiles. 
  •  Weather insulation- not only road surfaces or bumps could cause you injuries, but weather conditions could also be the reason for accidents and difficulties during a ride. These motorcycle tracksuits are made waterproof to protect you in rainy or windy weather, protect you from sunburns in winters while keeping you nice and dry in summers. In short, these suits are made to cope with all kinds of weather.
  •  Storage. You don’t need to hang up a backpack while wearing motorcycle tracksuits as they have enough pockets to keep small important things. The best motorcycle race suits have enough inner and outer pockets to keep your mobile and other things safe from broken apart in a crash.

Leather or textiles, what is the best? 

 The most common debate and most likely the biggest confusion among riders is to make a choice between leather and textiles. Leather is stronger and tougher than textiles but textiles suits well in changing weather conditions. Precisely, leather is best for racers who like to go fast while textiles is for wanderers who like to go far. 


Whether you want leather or textiles, one-piece or two-piece, you can find the best quality motorcycle race suits in any local or international gear markets.

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