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Ending a Relationship With a Drug Addict – Is It The Solution?



Navigating through dips of nuisance and hardship in a relationship with a drug or alcohol addict can be overwhelming and can bring episodes of suffering and tormenting. Addiction does not only impacts the addict; all too frequently, it brings turbulence of pain and wounds. As a wife of an addict, I tried, again and again, to get go for inpatient and outpatient detox and pitched scenarios where I was not sure to end the relationship or survive with strength and endure the storms of travail.

I had attended AA meetings, solicited sanity, tried to cope up with my mental trauma, repeated positive affirmations, chased the mirage of happiness and satisfaction, but ultimately my self-respect and my health were at stake. Although leaving the person over time with whom you have developed physical and spiritual connection can be challenging. Amid the decision of leaving and supporting the loved one, I always profoundly plunged with guilt that leaving someone at the stage when they are already struggling in life is not a good notion. But at the end of the day, your health, happiness, and overall well-being are more crucial than anything else.

A Family detox helped me in my healthy support system throughout my journey, encouraged me in maintaining my self-esteem, and stave off from hammering of tensions and stresses.

Drugs and difficult relationships go hand-in-hand and often become a vicious cycle. As the abuse or addiction continues, tension builds each passing day without resolve. The physical, emotional, or verbal abuse cycle repeats, and tension mounts and eventually can boil over. Addiction is toxic to healthy relationships, but you can set boundaries to maintain your sanity and build compassion and empathy.

Addicts frequently lie, play blame games, and pitch their partners to shell their addiction which can lead to broken trust and gaslighting. A healthy relationship should require effort from both ends, and if your loved ones are prioritizing alcohol and addiction more, it may be the time to get out.

When to leave relationships with addicts?

To take care of yourself and your loved one, utilize available sources of Family detox Florida resources nearby. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, abandoning the addict you care about is never easy. Before you broach your decision, you need to consider the following reasons:

  • Abuse

Since alcohol and drugs alter the delicate balance of chemicals and processes. Substance abuse can disrupt the balance, affecting thoughts, feelings, and actions and sometimes even long-term mental health. People who are high on substances can become abusive, outraged, and irritable. Enduring physical, mental or emotional abuse can be traumatic for you; it’s often best to end a relationship with a drug addict.

  • Eanbler

Family Detox states enabler as a person who supports negative and self-destructive behavior of another person. Being enablers is not a good thing; it enables addicts to get comfortable and rely more on substance abuse. If you find yourself being an enabler by giving them money or rationalizing their excuses and behaviors, it’s time to stop and leave.

  • Affecting Family Dynamic

Those who are in a relationship with an addict might also have someone dependent on them, like children, that could throw another curveball into the equation. Your children are your priority, and nurturing them with positivity, it’s your duty. Every child has the right to be protected and if maintaining the relationship with an addict hinders their growth, then you need to wind up the relationship.

Once you have clinched the decision, stick to it. Though you might be suppressed with episodes of sadness, frustration, anger, or even you might be tempted to return to an addict, taking care of yourself and your emotions is equally significant.

We understand the addiction is more than just individual suffering. That’s why at Aloha, we offer counseling, services, and treatments for both addicts and loved ones. Get a Family Detox Near Me that offers short-term and long-term addiction treatment. Call us now –  or more information enquire us at

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