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Embrace Modular Technology and Agile Process to Deliver Business Impact

Embrace Modular Technology and Agile Process to Deliver Business Impact

Why Read This Green Paper

Is your enterprise technology built in a modular way? Can you modify or replace a component without affecting other parts of the technology architecture? Is your technology platform built with plug and play elements to allow for rapid change and adaptation to business and customer forces? Do you employ Agile processes to make calculated changes incrementally?

Technology architecture and implementation governed by a coherent platform strategy that prioritizes flexibility and component and service independence will deliver business impact.

In this paper, we articulate technology platform and architecture requirements to support modern ways of delivering iterative value, increasing the velocity, productivity, and performance of the organization, and reducing product and service time to market.

Executive Summary

Modular technology platform architecture and Agile development are core elements of a successful digital transformation in all organizations. Organizations need to focus on continuous improvement and the currency of technologies to deliver business results for the enterprise while inspiring a culture of learning for employees.

Digital transformation is the use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of an organization. In a truly digital business that is digitally enabled, new technologies enable process improvement, talent engagement, and new business models.
The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation, MIT Sloan Management Review

3 Core Components: Modularity of Platform, Technically Governed Agile, and Organizational Empowerment

1. Efficiencies are derived from the technical platform. In technical teams, this means iteratively improving productivity, performance and speed through modernization of the technology utilized. Currency and modularity of the strategic asset of technology will enable growth and the ability of the enterprise to compete and thrive. Modularity is the backbone to an extensible architecture.

2. Architectural governance belongs inside Agile delivery. Architectural soundness is an operational need, not a philosophical stance. The ability to incrementally improve the whole without diluting the architecture allows Agile development practice in the short term to align with technical goals in the long term. By adhering to higher architectural constraints, Agile delivery can approach problems in a way that better supports the long-term goals within feature focused sprints.

3. Organizational strategy is reflective of the need to support Agile with technical readiness. Just as Agile adoption needed to be accompanied by an organizational acceptance of the approach and the changes it brings, it is the organization as a whole which needs to help make sure the technology is at a coherence, modernity, and maturity where it can serve as the backdrop to productivity.


Architecture is a defined and documented understanding that encompasses future change. The highest technical strategy must be planned and mindful, keeping its shape despite Agile day-to-day delivery rather than being informed by it.

Change does not happen without leadership. Agile requires both organizational and technical readiness to enable it to operate efficiently.

Read more here: Embrace Modular Technology and Agile Process to Deliver Business Impact
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