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Dog's Clothing - How Do You Go About It?


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Whoever said fashion is just for human beings? And then, if fitting out people in the kind of clothes that suits them best has ever been a challenge, wait till you have a shot at doing the same for your dog - it'll test your creativity to the hilt!

Check out your pet with his four legs and you may be at sea about where to begin - you can relax; it's not all that complicated, if you go about it the right way. All too often, pet owners are foxed by the task that faces them - but they need not be, if they would stop to think the matter through.

If you are one of these confused people, take a moment to consider the measurements that would be vital to your accomplishing your objective of having a well-dressed dog! Doing so will spare you a great deal of trouble, to say nothing of expense and time, for that matter.

This is even more important if you are considering making an online purchase for your beloved pet. Imagine having to go through the rigmarole of returning garments that turned out to be the wrong size for him because you did not give it enough thought? That would certainly drive you up the wall!!

Well, getting down to business, the most important factor you have to consider is the width of your dog's chest. This is the most vital statistic you need to take into account to ensure the garment fits him as well as it should. Companies that supply these clothes will be able to give you an idea of the size you may need for your pet. In case you find the size that's been indicated is just about right for him, you may prefer to play safe and go for a slightly larger size - you'll both benefit from making such allowances!

After dog's chest measurements, you'll need to pay attention to measuring around his neck, so you can be sure the garment will go over his head comfortably. Once again, you'll be better off going for a slightly larger size if you are in doubt. Lastly, you'll have to look at the length that will be required from the lower end of your dog's neck right up to the end of his tail, if you really want the garment to cover him well.

You'll need to keep all these factors in mind when you are shopping around for your dog's clothing - remember that these are the only dimensions you'll need to consider. Generally, measuring the dog's legs does not enter into the picture, but again that will depend on the garment you ultimately decide is right for him.

Do remember that whatever choices you make in clothing your dog, it's absolutely vital to consider the nature of his own coat. For instance, a longhaired breed is unlikely to need too much protection against the cold. On the other hand, the same kind of clothing will not suit a relatively hairless dog, which will need to be well protected in cold weather.

Your sole concern is the complete comfort of your pet - the dog's natural coat and the clothing you select for him will both be vital to his ultimate health and happiness.

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