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Do You Only Need One Kitchen Knife?

Do You Only Need One Kitchen Knife?

When we imagine a chef in a restaurant working to prepare a dish, we may think of them using various knives to complete their task. But what about the average home chef? Do you actually only need one knife in the kitchen?

First, it’s important to think about what each knife is typically used for. For cutting meat and chopping vegetables, you need a shorter, sturdy knife. This kind of knife is commonly called a chef’s knife. This type of knife allows you to safely cut through various thicker textures and is the knife you will be the most likely to use every day. While it would be tempting to determine that this is the only knife you need for basic cooking, let’s explore other types of knives and their functions.

Skinning fish and boning or thinly slicing meat requires a longer, more flexible knife. If you tend to buy your meat and fish ready to cook, you could potentially go without this type of knife.

A paring knife is nice to have for peeling fruits and vegetables. It is also handy to have if you work with smaller ingredients like garlic, herbs, dates, or olives. It resembles a chef’s knife’s shape and sturdiness, but its smaller scale makes it the perfect tool for fine work, such as removing pits, skin and scoring vegetables and meat.

The other knife chefs consider a standard in the kitchen is a bread knife. This kind of knife has a serrated edge and is specifically designed to cut through bread without compressing it. This makes it the perfect tool for cutting soft fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and melons. It can also be used for carving a roast.

The question of whether you could get by with only one knife clearly depends on how much ingredient preparation you are doing. If you are short on space and tend to buy prepared vegetables, dried herbs, minced garlic, and sliced bread, you may be able to do almost everything else with one good chef’s knife. However, owning a complete set of knives will ensure that you are prepared with the right tool for the task, no matter the ingredient.

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Randall Burns

8 months ago #2

Here's something that you might appreciate Jason Sheasby; LOL https://www.bebee.com/producer/@randall-burns/god-sends-meat-and-the-devil-sends-cooks

Randall Burns

8 months ago #1

I love my knives, ALL of them, (and I have a few as you can imagine), and they all do have a purpose. It is a very personal thing as to "how many" knives each of us need. Chinese Chefs generally do everything with their cleaver. If you're serious about cooking, or getting into it, I would suggest a 12" to 14" "Chef's" knife, (also known as "French knife"), a 6" to 8" Chef's knife, paring knife, and a boning/filet knife, (as you suggest). a couple of steels are essential, (coarse and fine "diamond" grits), and a dual density whet-stone. The steels are used daily and the stone monthly. There are many styles of each type of knife which just come down to personal preference so try different ones as you can and see what feels right in your hand. A good knife should last you a life-time so you can add more knives as time goes by and you get more comfortable. Right now, along with many knives in many tool boxes, I'm using a set of Victorianox, (with rose wood handles), as my daily "work horses" in the kitchen, had them over 20 years now and they still have life in them, (albeit the blades are a little narrower, LOL). I never use a grinding wheel or other machine, only whetstone and steel. They are a good quality medium steel that are user friendly, but there are a lot of very good brands out there. The most important thing; Have Fun!

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