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Dallas Residents Have Medieval Times to Keep Them Entertained

Dallas Residents Have Medieval Times to Keep Them Entertained                                                                                   cc from

One of the more fascinating attractions in Dallas, TX must be Medieval Times at the Dallas Castle, where dining out takes on an entirely new flavor of excitement.

Residents living in Dallas are only minutes away from turning back the clock and having the time of their lives at Medieval Times in Dallas, TX.

Dinner and a Tournament Are Only an Arrow’s Flight Away!

Many may remember this exalted restaurant when it was showcased in the movie “Cable Guy” starring Jim Carrey in 1996. While patrons may not actually get into the arena like the actors in the movie did, essentially, they’ll be able to place a cardboard crown on their heads while they eat a meal of kings and queens and watch the two-hour tournament from front row seats, cheering in between bites and drinks of course.

The meal-time tournament entertainment consists of 6 knights in shining armour jousting on real-life horses (steeds), sword fighting with real swords, and conducting the flight of the “royal falcon” through the air.

All of this action is happening while patrons eat a rustic meal with large meat portions (or a “queens vegetarian meal”), drinking libations and spirits (beer, wine, etc.), and cheering for their favorite knight — the one defending the colors and honor of their seating section.

All of this fun and excitement for around $60 for adults and $37 for children under 12. This is a great place to take the kids, a first date, or a group of friends from the office; whatever the occasion, having the Dallas Castle nearby is a great option for residents of Dallas to have on any given night. And, after enjoying the Dallas Castle, patrons may want to visit Medieval Times in 8 other locations, including one in Toronto, Canada.

The Medieval Times Dallas Castle being close by is just another great reason to live in the great city of Dallas, TX. This unique dining experience can become a regular destination to look forward to for years to come.

Originally published at Business and Society Articles Feb. 26, 2019

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Robbie Newport

Robbie Newport

2 years ago #2

Nice, I haven't been there, but would like to go someday.

Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #1

Robbie, Nest time I'm in Dallas I'll look into it.

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