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Custom manufacturer of food and beverage packaging

Food is the basic need of our life. Every living thing needs food so it is really important to keep food safe and hygienic so for this purpose we use food boxes. Moreover, these boxes can be used to keep your food fresh and warm for a long time period. As these foods are always in demand, there is a huge business of food marketing. So for this purpose, we have amazing packaging. We have several features in the packaging that can make it fruitful for you.

Stable and ecofriendly material:


We offer the best material for the packaging. To keep the food hygienic and keep it warm the material should be according to that. For these food boxes, we have cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated material. The material used is completely stable and durable. You can deform these boxes in any shape. Moreover, these boxes are eco-friendly. You can reuse these boxes as well as also dispose of them after use. Moreover, food marketing is a very risky business because you need to protect your food safe from every external effect. So for this purpose, our material is really helpful because it is weather resistant. It also protects your food from temperature change as well as moisture.

Innovative styles and shape:


You can have your custom food packaging in different innovative styles. These box styles make your packaging look attractive and amazing. The box styles can be top tuck, front tuck, straight tuck, reverse tuck, double-wall front tuck, gable boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, and many more. You can also make it a display box you can add window die cut. This will help your customer to know what is inside the box. You can also have food trays so that these can be easy to serve and carry. You can add handles with the boxes. Moreover, we can also have these boxes in different shapes such as square, rectangle oval, and many more. This gives your packaging of food boxes a well-organized look. You can also have these boxes in all possible and required sizes. Everything is customized according to the customer`s requirements.

Make your custom food boxes attractive:


To make these food boxes attractive for the customers we can add several amazing features in the packaging that can make it look amazing. For this purpose, we have professionals who add amazing designs to your packaging to be eye-catching for the customers. These can be very creative and artistic according to the nature of the food. You can also add amazing designs that can be harsh, smooth, or loud according to your requirement. You can also add different colors to the packaging for this we have color patterns. This makes your packaging look vibrant, colorful, and lively. Moreover, this packaging can make your product information for the customers. For this, we can add amazing printings to the boxes. These printings can add variation to the packaging. Our latest and unbeatable printing techniques can attract these custom food packaging. You can add the company logo on the macaron boxes with the help of these techniques so that the customers can know about you.

Wholesale rates:

You can have these boxes at amazing rates so that you can easily afford them. If you want these boxes in large amounts you can get this custom food packaging at wholesale rates from UrgentBoxes. This makes your packaging more affordable for events. We offer special discounts on special events. We also offer price packages according to the features of the packaging.


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