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Cruise Trends for 2019

Cruise Trends for 2019

Ocean cruises have been a popular means of enjoying a vacation since the first ship carried passengers in the 1830s. The number of people taking cruises is expected to rise in the coming years. In order to appease passengers cruise lines now offer a wide range of amenities and destinations.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Passengers enjoy sharing their travel experiences with loved ones and friends. Many regularly post images on Instagram and Facebook. Thus, cruise ships provide technology that enables guests to share their exploits with others from many world locations.

Health and Wellness

Many take cruises to escape the stress of their everyday lives. Some passengers may have a penchant for physical fitness. To accommodate passengers, cruise ships often offer health spas, fitness centers, oxygen bars and other holistic venues. Additionally, in an effort to appeal to health enthusiasts and passengers with medical conditions alike, the ships feature menus designed to offer healthier choices.

Bucket List Cruises

Many current-day passengers have a goal-oriented agenda. As such, ship passengers may take advantage of a wide range of options. Cooking enthusiasts might take a class instructed by a Le Cordon Bleu chef. Adventure seekers might embark on an African safari or tour Machu Picchu. During the winter months, passengers might travel to world destinations for the chance to see the Northern Lights. Others might be interested in finding unusual gifts by visiting traditional European Christmas markets.

Themed Cruises

Themed cruises establish an agenda revolving around particular topics on board and by land. Sci-fi fans might have the chance to board a vessel themed around a movie or TV show. Celebrities are on hand to meet and greet guests in addition to providing the opportunity to view the media. One cruise provides amateur photographers with the chance to learn how to photograph nature from National Geographic photographers. Aqua Expeditions provides passengers with the rare opportunity to sail along the Amazon River and explore the tropical jungles while guided by worldwide explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Multi-generation Entertainment

As more and more families depart on ocean cruises, the companies have incorporated entertaining activities that appeal to various age groups. Youngsters may have the chance to take specialized classes concerning art, cooking or science. While adults are chilling in spas or watching a live performance, their children might venture to an ice-skating rink or a trampoline park.

Originally published at Medium on June 6, 2019. 

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