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Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth


Moldovan Legal is a boutique law firm with services adapted to solve your problems as simply and swiftly as possible. We are a professional law firm that specializes in core civil and criminal litigation areas. With offices in Edgewater, New Jersey, we are a local firm with strong ties to our host community. Our impressive statewide network also ensures that we will always have an answer for our clients, no matter where they reside

We have over 40 years of combined experience in various practice areas

Being blamed for wrongdoing is perhaps the most unpleasant thing that can happen to an individual. On the off chance that you are associated with wrongdoing, never address any police officer till after you have held a learned . 1,000,000 contemplations are dashing through your head. Will I go to prison? Will I lose my employment? Will I have a lasting criminal record? Your family, your work, and your future are in question.

Our Criminal Défense Lawyers in Elizabeth, NJ can completely explore the conditions encompassing your charges and guide you through your lawful alternatives.

The wrongdoing can be ordered as a Felony or Misdemeanour. Wrongdoing is for the most part thought to be minor wrongdoing, which can be deserving of fines, minor prison time, probation, and further punishments. A lawful offense is viewed as genuine wrongdoing and can bring about incredibly solid discipline, including hefty fines and jail sentences.

Whether you have been arrested for one of the following

Domestic Violence
Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
Drug Trafficking
Sex Crimes

Our can thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your charges and guide you through your legal options. Our goal is to help you make well-informed decisions regarding your future and fight to make sure that your rights are upheld throughout case proceedings.

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