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Creating Cadence In Communication

Creating Cadence In Communication

"Every song we sing is a transference of energy to the world around us. Our lives therefore, are an original work of art, full of amazing ideas to convey and arrange as we choose."    -Cyndi

This piece has been created  in collaboration with deep appreciation and respect for my fellow writer Kevin Baker...Always a pleasure connecting with brethren...My best , Cyndi

We all exist as natural rhythmic expressions in a vibratory universe. Sounds musical doesn't it? Music can express feelings of love and joy or grief and sadness...It is the language of the soul and its expression is felt across oceans of time and space. Our bodies are much like musical instruments as we practice fine tuning each piece to play in unison with the whole. 

Our frequency changes with each score, altering our electromagnetic field to vibrate to that which we choose to align ourselves. Every change we make in frequency creates the appropriate change in our mental/emotional state.

These changes also alter the delicate balance of our physiological state, as we re-synchronize the signals within our physical brains to match a particular frequency. Be it conscious or unconscious, we choose the musical accompaniment to that which supports our current state of mind. As the composers of each score, we are responsible for the messages we convey to the world of consciousness.


Every song we sing is a transference of energy to the world around us. Our lives, therefore, are an original work of art. full of amazing ideas to convey and arrange however we choose. 

The first step is in recognizing our own natural ability to bring that energy to life and create in a more conscious and constructive way.

When we choose to awaken and see others as our soul 'feels' them, we begin to communicate more effectively in our personal and professional relationships. 

 We then become more capable of creating an environment of collaboration between individuals.

As our world is an expression of thoughts, each of us is responsible for the choice of energy we bring into play. 

Much like a song, we can build upon this energy and learn how to create a cadence in communication as we focus according to that which we desire to accomplish.

Only when we strive to establish harmony in relationships will we begin to see through the 'field of chaos' and develop those connections that support growth and appreciation among communities, cultures and nations all a part of our collective compilations.

When we observe the beauty and harmony created by nature, or perhaps other humans, we cannot help but to be in awe of their presence.

While the origins of crop circles may remain a mystery, many 'believers' indicate they were formed as a means of communication...perhaps by extraterrestrial races. Hoax or not, they are certainly masterful works of art.

Some people have even suggested that the circles are somehow created by localized and precise wind patterns, or by scientifically undetectable Earth energy fields and meridians called ley lines, an energy grid believed to connect sacred sites such as Stonehenge and the Egyptian Pyramids,

Whatever the cause, artificial or some sort of natural phenomena, they represent the patterns of thought our brains impose upon the world around us. The only meaning is that which we assign to it. Even as we may have individual thoughts about things, we can still bring the energy of partnership to the physical arena to create beautiful tapestries of combined ideas.

"When we choose to participate from a higher perspective we create a more conscious and inclusive level of thought throughout humanity. In other words, we become clearer channels of communication."
Author in Source Title


Take a moment to center yourself before committing your energy into expression. Be clear with your intentions and do not hold others responsible for your experience. We all have a role to play as we bring our ideas to life in this physical world.

For those of us holding higher positions of power, gently take the lead and do not abuse that power, lest the quality of your energy suffer a 'dishonorable discharge' from the collective you aim to serve.

When you are faced with aggression, know that it comes from a place of fear. Tread lightly with compassion as you walk hand in hand with others. It is the music of your soul that strikes a chord in the hearts of men.

Co-authored with Cyndi Wilkins, who inspires me and has that magical touch.  -


Basic understanding of what quantum energy is and how to transfer it. The uses of energy transfer in Reflexology.

Quantum energy is intrinsically of the humanaura function. Which is our life force.
This energy is not continuous, it is in small and discrete units. With each having our own unique signature.
The elementary particles behave both like particles and waves.
The movement of these particles is inherently random. Not computable by mathematic methods known yet.
It is physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time.
The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.
The atomic world is nothing like the conscious one we normally perceive it to be.

Main Entry: quantum theory
Function: noun
Date: 1912
1 : a theory in physics based on the concept of the subdivision of radiant energy into finite quanta and applied to numerous processes involving transference or transformation of energy in an atomic or molecular scale

This is the definition of the quantum theory. The date defined is 1912. Yet close to a century later, we rarely hear of this being used in conversation. I find that odd since the composition of our being is composed of and rely on this to function. Without cellular communication all function of life would cease to exist. The revelations of photosynthesis being explored right now reveals the fundamentals of energy transfer in the vibrancy or lack there of in the life expectancy of plants.

This article from says volumes of how we overlook things which appear to obvious.
( v446/n7137/abs/nature05678. html)

Photosynthetic complexes are exquisitely tuned to capture solar light efficiently, and then transmit the excitation energy to reaction centres, where long term energy storage is initiated. The energy transfer mechanism is often described by semiclassical models that invoke 'hopping' of excited-state populations along discrete energy levels1, 2. Two-dimensional Fourier transform electronic spectroscopy3, 4, 5,6 has mapped these energy levels and their coupling in the Fenna–Matthews–Olson (FMO) bacteriochlorophyll complex, which is found in green sulphur bacteria and acts as an energy 'wire' connecting a large peripheral light-harvesting antenna, the chlorosome, to the reaction centre7, 8, 9. The spectroscopic data clearly document the dependence of the dominant energy transport pathways on the spatial properties of the excited-state wavefunctions of the whole bacteriochlorophyll complex6, 10. But the intricate dynamics of quantum coherence, which has no classical analogue, was largely neglected in the analyses—even though electronic energy transfer involving oscillatory populations of donors and acceptors was first discussed more than 70 years ago11, and electronic quantum beats arising from quantum coherence in photosynthetic complexes have been predicted12, 13 and indirectly observed14. Here we extend previous two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy investigations of the FMO bacteriochlorophyll complex, and obtain direct evidence for remarkably long-lived electronic quantum coherence playing an important part in energy transfer processes within this system. The quantum coherence manifests itself in characteristic, directly observable quantum beating signals among the excitons within the Chlorobium tepidum FMO complex at 77 K. This wavelike characteristic of the energy transfer within the photosynthetic complex can explain its extreme efficiency, in that it allows the complexes to sample vast areas of phase space to find the most efficient path.

Plants will use there basic intelligence to adapt with the use of quantum energy. Mmmmmm.

Autonomic functions , the software that runs on auto pilot deep within our unconscious mind, without these functions, we cannot continue to live. Even though some like breathing run in tandem with the conscious mind, how often do you consciously think about updating the soft muscle movements of your intestines.
Or how often do you consciously think, well I guess its time to replace the bone marrow cells of my left index toe.
Some can control these autonomic functions to such degree, they slow down their metabolism to catatonic states.
Hold their breath under water for 4-5 minuets. Basically a self induced coma.
How? They consciously know the channels which control the autonomic functions.
We all have the ability to control all of our autonomic functions. All of them.
It is quite well known that the human body replaces itself in entirety every seven years.
Some cells regenerate much quicker , such as liver or blood etc.
It is possible to signal the brain to replace any cell and schedule it for replace now.
This can be taken another step, to which the autonomic functions can be restarted to regenerate cells from the original blueprint DNA sequencing. The DNA sequencing of the original cell we are created from, a blueprint of this is still in your deep unconscious as backup data. Same as a restart of your computer.
Sometimes our autonomic functions cease to do what they are, function.
We call these results a disease. What if they are just resulting from your brain losing the ability to access this particular function. Or the function code is scrambled somewhat from extreme stress and the resulting post traumatic stress syndrome. It is becoming widely accepted with awareness that most physical problems are quite often results from stress related psychological issue's.
Since the brain does cell regeneration naturally already, it would be only needed to find the function and pass it the variables.
Our brains work exactly like your computer, they have user functions and maintenance functions.
Do you consciously decide its time to urinate? No you don't. However it is possible that you can do this.
Just like your computer it is possible to access the operating system or our brain and initiate any function option that is programmed into the operating system.

So lets move on from this knowing that the unconscious mind is quite accessible through our nervous systems.

We all have static charge revolving around our atoms. Deep within each cell.
If you add up all the positive charge's of every cell your made of and you touch someone who has less positive charge overall then you do, when you touch, the other person takes on some of your energy and leaves you with less then you started with. Or if your the person with less overall positive charge, it is you who takes on the energy from the other person.
All energy in the universe revolves around one principal BALANCE
When we touch and this energy transfers, it is automatic in creating the balance.
This is done the same as touching two magnets together.
Take two magnets and measure the static charge of each. Make sure they differ.
Then touch them together and take them apart.
Measure again each magnet and you will see they are equal.
The next step of progression is that you can send and receive energy from and to other people just by thinking.
When you feel certain of another person's affections or love, rarely is this energy blocked.
This energy is in the air all the time, you do in this case have a choice to accept or reject it.
We all have an aura shield. That protects us, filters the energy directed towards us.
IF and when we experience emotion, as this creates atmospheric change. Example (FEAR).
Why is it such a far reach for some people to entertain as such that all our thoughts spread in the atmosphere?
Ever have the urge to behave in odd ways when a certain person is around?
Unspoken expectations are felt and very often acted upon before we realize what we are doing.

So lets move on from this knowing that energy does transfer back and forth between all people.

When a person becomes familiar enough with the reflex points and the nervous systems, as well as the end results of increased circulations to what ever area of the body you are focused on, a persons mind will send the energy through the fingers used towards the nerve endings being massaged. This can be either positive or negative. As I have felt the results of both. When a person comes up to you and puts their hand on your shoulder, as a feigned or real affection, what they are doing is interjecting your person hood with the energy that their mind is creating. When I feel people think negative thoughts towards me, my skin crawls and shivers in a most uncomfortable way. When their thoughts are positive my skin tingles quite pleasantly. When applying yourself or another person with reflexology , it is imperative that you think positive thoughts towards what your trying to accomplish. The more you envision your energy transferring to the spot your massaging , the more energy that will transfer.
The skeptics say its mind over matter. Well frankly I agree. It is mind over matter, quantum matter.
Which brings the skeptics argument to actually prove that is does work.

Kriya Shakti is an ancient Indian energy healing technique. Kriya means action. Shakti means energy.
Energy in Action.
Kriya shakti: Hindu - Hinduism Dictionary on Kriya shakti
By Himalayan Academy
kriya shakti: (Sanskrit) "Action power."
The universal force of doing.

After a person is proficient in knowing the hands, feet, ears, and face which are the mainstay of Reflexology, we can address the entire body as what it is, a host of reflex biofeedback responses. In all my years of study about biofeedback reflex's, I have accumulated a database of points and related information about each point. This is not a small database as there are over 3300 points that affect us in different ways. Some points when combined produce a completely different response then when pressed individually.

The maps and charts are good to a point, however since no two humans are identical.
I have also noticed that some people are void of certain response points.
I have noticed on many people that where their kidney responses should be they actually aren't there.
I find them elsewhere and the maps and charts that I have seen become inaccurate to a degree.
This is where your knowledge of the biofeedback responses is critical in your effectiveness.
We all can press these points and make a significant improvement. Anyone can do this in order to maintain your personal energies and ensue good grounding, or a calm nature.
This we definitely are all equal in our efforts and thought generated energy.
I have laid out the groundwork for anyone to connect the dots in learning energy healing.
It is important to know that this is not learned in acute time, rather it takes most years to develop. Some pick it up and run with it having amazing results.

Reflexology is not just memorizing charts, circulations, endocrine and lymph gland systems, immunity system or nervous systems. It is all of these things and more. Being as effective as possible requires you to know how energy transfers back and forth and knowing how to control this cellular communication, in order to channel your energy to activate responses or reflex on the nerves not functioning properly. To think in your viewing of other people unconditionally with positive motivation. To have strong conviction in your personal values towards people needing your guidance or when I need theirs as this brings me to the root of my personal values.
There is no hierarchy of humanness. To believe your above or below anyone else is myth.
To practice reflexology with any degree of success a person must first ascertain their personal motivations and know exactly what the end results possible are to be.

I have interacted with more then 650,000 people in relation to the topic at hand. All with positive results of various degree's. All of them returned to at least look again at the concepts presented here. Most did more then just look again and with written testimonial, state that their life improved to some level.

Make no mistake , this is not a replacement to health care of any kind.

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #3

Cyndi wilkins Kevin Baker ... I had this pulled up months ago ... was prompted to return and find the "pearl" Thank you both ... great collaboration ;~) Very interesting ... I share with the hope that many find the energy and the song ;~) Now I will confess you lost me on the quantum physics but I plan on reading again to try to elevate my understanding ;~) I loved the quote by Plato ;~) And this by you Cyndi ... lovely ;~) "Every song we sing is a transference of energy to the world around us. Our lives therefore, are an original work of art, full of amazing ideas to convey and arrange as we choose." -Cyndi And this thought ... as I read it reminds me how applicable to the unfolding chaotic events in America in recent weeks "Only when we strive to establish harmony in relationships will we begin to see through the 'field of chaos' and develop those connections that support growth and appreciation among communities, cultures and nations all a part of our collective compilations."

Cyndi wilkins

1 year ago #2

You have struck a deep chord within my heart Debesh Choudhury...I thank you for your continued support;-)

Debesh Choudhury

1 year ago #1

You have composed an wonderful music of life in terms of quantum physical living. Thanks Cyndi wilkins and @Kevin Baker.

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