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Craig Hockenberry: Parent Advisory to the Superintendent

When you want to hear the truth about decision being made at the District level create a Parent Advisory to the Superintendent. Allow me to explain… I was sick and tired of constantly hearing about Facebook posts regarding decisions we made at Three Rivers. I had one board member who every time a post was made by one person she would screen shot it and send it to all the other board members and that became discuss. This behavior constantly took the conversation away from student achievement which is place we did not want to be. One person, one post, no likes, and in some cases the person was even a convicted felon, but I took the high road and led through issues such as these by creating the Parent Advisory to the Superintendent. We had each principal, key staff member, and community leaders give me the names of the most outspoken both positive and those that challenged us people. I took those names and personally reached out to all of them and ask them to serve on an advisory group where they would be advising me and other top administrators on several key decisions for the district. The first meeting was held on January of 2018 and the committee was packed with over 30 parents. I created an agenda for the first one, but after that the agendas were created by the parents. We got authentic feedback from every topic you could image including snow days, open houses, parent teacher conferences, and instructional topics. The advisory group also became strong supporters and we used them to drive many decisions and help us advocate for our district. Every time Mr. Conflicted felon or our special board member would screen shot or post something we would hand it over to our parent advisory and in many cases they provided us the much needed support so we could to the important work of the district. By Craig HockenbCraig Hockenberry: Parent Advisory to the Superintendenti

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