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Company That Cares For The Community

Company That Cares For The Community

Love this new company in the Chicagoland area called Hope House Workshop, and it was such a pleasure meeting the owner Stephen Lefko who graciously gave me a tour of his family's business.  They started the company out of their garage, as most entrepreneurs with great ideas usually end up doing, and now they have a beautifully run woodwork toy shop.  There is an event that will give everyone an opportunity to visit this amazing place, and to be able to see first hand all the beautiful wooden toys, village pieces, and doll homes they make for our children.  Out of all the beautiful items I saw (the pictured above one) is my favorite and it is called "My Treehouse".  They are a mission-based manufacturer and retailer of place spaces, toys, and books, that are already served by child and family service agencies throughout the Chicagoland area. Their mission and belief is that a child's brightest future can be unlocked through play, and that family is key to a strong foundation in a child's life. They work closely with giving back to the community by providing kids in need at organizations like Marillac St. Vincent, Hephzibah, and now working with YMCA for a special welcome event coming up next month.  It has been my pleasure in introducing, and we are all invited to their special upcoming event "Toy Build & Open House" at their workshop on June 2nd, 2018.  There will be tours and some special guests of our community's local heroes that will be helping out at their workshop 8:30 - 10:30am located at 6311 W. Roosevelt road in the town of Berwyn, Illinois.  We all are invited, so lets have the Chicagoland area give them a big welcome, and show our support for their company that is trying to make a difference in the lives of our children.  Besides putting their lives on the line every day, the Local 506 Firefighters will be there helping out and trading in their helmets for hammers, by making toys that will later be donated to PAV - YMCA.  Please help in spreading the word, bring the family, tell the community about this special place and upcoming event.  Find out why we are so excited in giving a warm welcome to "Hope House Workshop" while  getting a look at the love they put into these beautifully hand-crafted doll-houses, toys, and villages.  Learn how they contribute with their buy-one, give-one approach, to helping local families and children in need.  What a great concept they have,  showing us how we all can help out in the community, by knowing each purchase for our children, we can also help out other families (by giving to them as well).  It is an honor to announce such a company that cares so much about our families, by showing their love for children throughout the community, and by providing us all a way in which to give back. When you purchase a house:  it comes with a beautifully illustrated book of stories,  parents will be glad to hear it is fully assembled, it will be delivered right to your door (with no extra delivery costs) and then they deliver another one directly to a child in need. Find out more about them here  then come out to this upcoming special event  <3 <3 <3

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Judy Olbrych

3 years ago #3

A community TOY workshop supporting families - sounds like a great idea and a good time too. So much more personal than a boxed plastic toy, and a way to share the love. Thanks for the inspiration, Marianne!

Randall Burns

3 years ago #2

That's a great post! Marianne Naughton comment, I'm going research them at the link you posted and see about some toys for the grandkids. :-)

When a company has a grand purpose and beyond its boundaries it turns successful because it gains the trust of its community. So, I am not surprised that a company with the mission "Their mission and belief is that a child's brightest future can be unlocked through play, and that family is key to a strong foundation in a child's life" This is a lesson for all companies as I feel even though thousand in milles away pulled to this company. Thank you Marianne Naughton for sharing such a beautiful story.

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