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Though cocaine abuse has gradually descended over the past, it is still the most illicit drug used globally. The potent stimulant can be snorted, injected, or smoked, and once the addiction starts, it isn’t apparent to halt. Despite its association with glamour and glitz, the drug is potentially dangerous and causes significant physical and psychological harm. Recuperating from cocaine is a considerable feat, but sobriety is still rewarding in all aspects.

Getting hooked on cocaine is straightforward and astonishingly addictive, but withdrawal or quitting can be challenging. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms are intense; it could be a physical or physiological crash, including fatigue, sleep disturbance, agitation, depression, and even worse, suicidal thoughts/attempts. Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Pompano Beach can help you overcome the dangers of withdrawal and perform all the treatments necessary to detox drugs.

What Makes Cocaine Addictive?

Cocaine is highly addictive. It releases the temporary feeling of euphoria while sharply dropping in dopamine. The overwhelming feeling of joy, carefree and stress-free, stimulates the user to indulge more in it, making it highly addictive substances. The cocaine is highly intense and produces a feeling of well-being.

The high feeling fascinates many people that they have been chasing for years. Akin to a hangover, even cocaine addiction slash down the sense of joy and happiness within some time, and people experience anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, and depression. At a point, the person would experience subtle and intense craving for cocaine to surge up the feeling of euphoria or declutter from the cycle of psychological mood disorders. As the addiction expands its roots, the person loses its ability to manage the cravings and decreases the duration of intake of the substance.

Over time the natural ability to produce pleasant chemicals is damaged, and the brain unfolds in a cycle of relying on the drug, which results in cocaine dependency.

Intake of cocaine causes reckless behavior, and long-term risks associated with it can be life-threatening.

he long-term risk associated with repeated use of cocaine:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Panic attacks
  • Intensified feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Nose damage – frequent bleeds and damage of tissues
  • Heart issues
  • Digestive complications
  • Psychosis
  • Kidney and liver dysfunctionalities
  • Hallucinations
  • Strokes
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Permanent brain damage

Beyond these significant risky aspects of your body, it can highly wrench your family life, performance at work, evoke financial issues, and effects other dimensions too.

Cocaine Addiction Rehab at The Luminous Care

Cocaine addiction can be dreadful. Addiction can catapult many negative impacts in different aspects of your life – physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, overcoming it is possible at The Luminous Care.

After hours of quitting cocaine, a person might be exploited with symptoms of withdrawal which might linger for weeks, months, or years, depending on the drug use and extent of dependency. Acute symptoms might diminish in weeks, but the psychological effects can take longer to overcome.

The exact timeline for each individual might vary, but the withdrawal symptoms might fade away until the brain wrecks the dependency on drugs and accepts the dependency on a realistic feeling of joy or confidence. It might be challenging, but the holistic support of a professional recovery program from Cocaine Addiction treatment in Pompano Beach can help.

We have flexible rehabilitation and addiction detox programs that are personalized and tailored as per your condition and severity of the addiction.

To enter into the sobriety realm, the first step is an acceptance that you have a problem. Detoxification and psychotherapy methods are effective and used to treat drug dependence. Get individual support, counseling, and intensive programs that help you alter habits and adapt to new ways of building self-esteem and positive attitudes. Contact us - 833-422-5585

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