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Clinic And Pharmacy Closures In USA – Store Closure Report

Number of ALDI Locations in the United StatesCH Locationscloud


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Store Closures – 262
Store Closures in New York – 37
Average Closures for Every State – 5

How Many Clinics And Pharmacy Stores Got Closed During March 2020?

There were total 262 closures of pharmacies and clinics in the USA in March 2020. A state with maximum store closures in the USA is New York having 37 store closures that is 14% of the store closures in USA.

How Many Clinics and Pharmacy Stores Got Closed During March 2020City

New York City


State Total Store Closures
New York
New York




You may also download the entire listing of 262 pharmacy store and clinic closure locations in an Excel file together with geocoded addresses, phone numbers, as well as providers from the data store.

The listing of stores closures about Pharmacies and Clinics in the dataset include Walgreens, Aurora Health Care, The Little Clinic, Bellin Health, Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy, MinuteClinic, Duane Reade Pharmacy, and NextCare.

Download this Dataset

State Wise Total Pharmacy Store And Clinic Closures

The state having maximum store closures for pharmacies and clinics in the USA include New York having 37 store closures. New York accounts for 14% of all clinic and pharmacy store closures trailed by Massachusetts having 26 store closures (10%), Kentucky having 23 store closures (8.7%), and New Jersey having 19 store closures (7.2%) respectively.

States Having Maximum Stores Closures

States Having Maximum Stores ClosuresProvider

Duane Reade Pharmacy
Rite Aid

Bellin Health

The Little Clinic

CVS Pharmacy

Aurora Health Care




Total Closures in


States Having Minimum Store Closures

  • States having 1 store closure: Alabama, Alaska, DC, Mississippi, and Maine
  • States having 2 store closures: Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Nevada

States With No Pharmacy Store And Clinic Closures

You have 16 states with no store closures for pharmacies and clinics. They include:
Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota

Topmost 5 Cities Having Maximum Pharmacy Store And Clinic Closures

Topmost 5 Cities Having maximum Pharmacy Store and Clinic Closures

Store Closures In Percentage For Every Pharmacy Store And Clinic Chain

Duane Read Pharmacy has closed 10.9% of the total stores as well as it is a pharmacy chain having the uppermost percentage of store closures trailed by RiteAid with 4.4% and Bellin Health Clinic with 3.3% respectively.

Download This Dataset

You may also download the complete dataset utilized for the analysis from the data store. Just go through the small and random sample of the records to get the fields as well as data we offer:

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