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Cleanzen Cleaning Services

How to Prepare for Home Cleaning Services

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When you hire a cleaner for your home, whether you plan to have them over just once or once a week, it is an excellent way to free yourself from the extra time in your schedule away from family or relaxation. After all, we all deserve time off after working hard all week long. However, once you’ve scheduled a house cleaner to come to your home, you may wonder how to prepare. Do you clean at all in preparation? Do you leave a mess? There are a few factors to consider before the house cleaner arrives.


Because you have hired home cleaning services to free yourself, there is no need to do anything more than mere tidying up before a professional cleaner shows up. Tidying and straightening up your home, however, will make cleaning the house more comfortable. You don’t have to organize or reorganize your home, but if you pick up your child’s toys, books, or spouse’s jacket, they are less likely to be misplaced by a professional cleaner a cleaning. A quick tidying up makes things easier.

When preparing for housecleaning services, make sure that there is nothing private or valuable out. It is not to say that you should not trust your cleaning company, but all the same, during cleaning, it isn’t advised that you have your bills laying out on the table and your electronics and jewelry on the dresser. Insurance paperwork or a bank statement is more than trash, they are an easy way to steal one’s identity, and it could be months or years before you notice. Leave anything valuable hidden away.


After you’ve hired cleaning professionals, such as Cleanzen Cleaning Services, plan to keep your pets away from the house. Your pets may or may not be comfortable with strangers in the house, but you cannot be sure that the cleaners are comfortable pets. As well, the cleaning professional may also prefer that pets were not around the home when they completed the job. Plan to have your pets stay with a friend or relative. If the weather permits, pets may remain outside while the cleaning is going on.

Before you get off the phone with the cleaning company, make sure you discuss how the cleaner will get in. Will you be there to let them in? Do you have a fake rock under which you keep your key in front of the house? You may need to ensure that the cleaning company has access to your gated community, or you may need to plan to turn off your home security system for the afternoon.


When you hire a cleaning professional, you may not think that there is much to be done to prepare your home for the cleaning job at hand. However, there are a few key things to be done before inviting a professional cleaner into your home. Be sure to put away your most valuable items, send your pets away to keep them safe, and put away your child’s favorite toys to keep them from being misplaced. Be prepared for a visit from your favorite cleaning professionals so you can relax and spend time with your family.


At Cleanzen Cleaning Services a clean home means a happy home. We are a platform that connects independent house cleaners with customers. We provide a smooth booking process. You can book a cleaning in under 2 minutes and have your appointment confirmed within an hour. We believe in order to provide the best service you need to have the best customer service, great cleaning, and great people in sync to accomplish the mission. We clean all throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy we will send a cleaner back to fix things. If you are still unhappy we will offer you a refund. What do you have to lose? Book now and make your home a happy and clean home.



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