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Chicagoland Local Art Group

The Berwyn Public Art Initiative is a nonprofit organization that is helping local artists in the area get involved in 2020. For possible including of artwork, or checking them out for a family member, please take a closer look here .  You will see all of their member's wonderful artistic creations this year, see where they are exhibiting works, or see the many works of art digitally on their website. Get involved with how all artists are helping us to see how reforming our earth can only make it better.  We can all show how change can be a good thing in making the world a more beautiful place to live.  It isn't a secret that we are all going through tough times this year, but our children do deserve to live in peace, let's create change for all of our futures and go about it in a non-violent way. This art organization is helping artists get noticed with public areas and website reviews,  you may even wish to volunteer, if you have extra time due to circumstances in this years pandemic (join in on their all volunteer art organization) during these hard times this year. Maybe someone can start a suggestion box, used for all to deposit ideas on how to make our world a better place, and once we implement these ideas, let's come together for our future. May God bless and help us all ... 

For helping them out this year socially, please find them at online places we like to visit: 


Facebook and Twitter

Chicagoland Local Art Group

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