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Cemetery Software in Death Care Industry

A funeral home is a place where a funeral director works and where dead bodies are prepared for burial or cremation.


Funeral home software allows owners and managers to schedule funerals and communicate them with customers. Funeral home operators can use the software solution to manage schedules, resources, and custom services. The software often provides a portal through which customers request services and give details about the deceased. These platforms provide tools to store information regarding funeral services and the deceased. They help users create a database for previous services and plan for future services. Many come up with equipped tools to purchase flowers, photos, other custom products, and services. Some include tools for a funeral registry check. Most of the funeral software can create reports to submit to accounting or database management tools.


Funeral Home Software



To qualify for inclusion in the Funeral Home software category, a product must:

  • Schedule funerals and other memorial services
  • Manage inventory, resources, and customer data
  • Assist users and customers plan specific aspects of memorial service

Funeral home software allows owners and managers to schedule funerals and communicate with customers.


Cemetery software provides cemetery managers with tools to maintain a cemetery and its burial records. The advantages of upgrading to a digital solution are numerous, including GIS mapping for accurate cemetery locations, a database and burial search, and work orders and work order tracking.


By digitizing many of these manual tasks, staff can spend more time with clients and less time searching for and filling out documents. Technology can also streamline day-to-day operations, making it easy to plan and schedule funeral services, maintain a general ledger, and other back-office tasks such as accounting and employee scheduling.

Key Benefits of Cemetery Software

  • Track occupied and unoccupied plots
  • Manage finances, billing, and other accounting needs
  • Maintain records and genealogies

Cemetery software is designed specifically for the death care industry. While a cemetery could use a variety of basic business management software, cemetery software can support the unique needs of the cemetery industry. Whether that be an integrated cemetery mapping software to easily track available and occupied burial plots or heritage preservation services to register and preserve historic gravesites, cemetery software provides all these tools in one place.


Some cemeteries are larger than others, and some are much older than others. As a result, there can be varying amounts of records that need to be maintained. You may even face the task of digitizing decades of records, which means either manual input or importing a lot of data. Either way, digital records are worth the initial time investment because they will make it easy to find information for years to come.

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