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Cellular Memory And The Body


Cyndi Wilkins

Muscular Therapist, Writer, Holistic Health and Energy Healing

"Modern science has typically localized consciousness in the brain, but recent studies have shown evidence of consciousness showing up in the heart, the gut, and parts of individual cells."
-Deb Lange

Recently, I have been a participant in many discussions about the energetic processes at work in the development of chronic disease, or dis-ease, in the physical body. The common theme among these energetic currents seem to be deeply rooted in the adverse childhood experiences that go unrecognized for many decades.

Without ever addressing these sometimes very traumatic events, our bodies carry their cellular memory along with us into adulthood, where we are continually faced with the challenges of everyday living. Of course this creates a cohesive dysfunction throughout the entire system...body and mind.

For many of us, these issues are never addressed at all as the rigid pattern of modern conventional science has tended to overlook the complexities of the human emotional system as being part of the underlying cause of disease. But it is so due to the physiological effects of long term psychological stress on the function of the immune system.

I am happy to say that I am beginning to see a slow shift in our cultural beliefs and practices when it comes to dealing with the health of the mind in relation to the obvious effect it has on the health of the physical body.

"If we begin to study the physics of the soul (or the higher mind) and see that the state of our mind is at the epicenter of our health, we begin to live and breathe more intelligently and realize our disease states are our own minds reaching out to us for healing.
-Cyndi Wilkins

In her recent article published on, The Gift Of Our Senses, author Deb Lange comments:

"Modern science has typically localized consciousness in the brain, but recent studies have shown evidence of consciousness showing up in the heart, the gut, and parts of individual cells."  Further she asks, "Could the plethora of modern-day malaise, anxiety and conflict be a result of disconnection from our body, our senses and our energy?"
-Deb Lange

To this, I would scream a resounding...YES, YES, and absolutely YES!!! But we as a society are very slow on the uptake with this...We seek to solve the dysfunctions of the body by controlling our outward environment on the physiological level when in fact, true healing comes from the level of the soul.

There are times of course, when it is appropriate to seek the advice of a physician when dealing with a physical illness or injury, but why have we not developed an awareness of the soul and how our core beliefs and behaviors affect our overall health...Most of us, (if not all of us) are "soul sick."

The dysfunction of the body is a result of our not having an understanding of how the soul works in getting us to recognize our conditions, let alone the very fact that we even possess a soul in the first place. If we begin to study the physics of the soul (or the higher mind) and see that the state of our mind is at the epicenter of our health, we begin to live and breathe more intelligently and realize our disease states are our own minds reaching out to us for healing.

"Turning off the noise of the world is absolutely the single best health practice for inhabiting our own souls. They want to whisper to us, we just have to figure out how to listen. I had no idea there was so much to defrost in the freezer of my mind."
-Deb Helfrich

In yet another recent conversation with Deb Helfrich, she further validates this position of dysfunction by commenting...

"I refuse to discount my own senses and perceptions. I realize that I need to prioritize peace, quiet, tranquility, and solitude in order to cultivate a deep knowing of my own consciousness. Being open to the wonder and curiosity of what I know and how I know it allows me to feel like an integrated being - mind, body, and spirit all contributing in their own spheres of excellence. Turning off the noise of the world is absolutely the single best health practice for inhabiting our own souls. They want to whisper to us, we just have to figure out how to listen. I had no idea there was so much to defrost in the freezer of my mind."

Thank you Deb Helfrich 🐝 ...That just about nails it;-)

In this short video clip with Deb Lange, I discuss the work I do as a manual therapist and how often unresolved emotions come up during my sessions with clients as I work to release their physical discomfort.

It further validates for me how our bodies are able to retain embedded cellular memories in our physical structure until a time when we are finally able to acknowledge and release them from our physical AND emotional being.

It has been an amazing journey working with Deb Lange as she brings her book "Trust Your Senses: Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age" to life with her playful interaction with her readers.

She ignites the twelve "sensory insights," connecting us with our natural intuitive energies along the path to "Whole-Bodied Wisdom." I highly recommend her as a gentle guide to understanding our inter-connectedness with all of nature.

Feel free to contact her for more information about classes online at:

About the Author:

Cyndi is a licensed and Certified Massage and Bodywork Professional, Writer and Energetic Channel in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area

Follow her at and

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Cyndi wilkins

2 years ago #45

" While I agree that the muscles and indeed the bones can apparently hold memories of certain events, I suspect that these memories are mostly stored in the MIND." Ah yes Deas Plant...You have just flipped the lid on 'Pandora's Box.'....I think you will thoroughly enjoy the 'Apollo Paradigm' pieces I have recently posted...I am and glad to see you buzzing with the bees again;-)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #44

Absofreakinlutely! (I love that word ever since I heard it on Sex In The City;-) To be continued....I have a client coming in, but I'm looking forward to our 'chat' with the lovely !

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #43

#68 dad was the most even tempered man I've ever met...besides my grandfather (his dad) that is...definitely in the genetics...mine have just been I'm working hard at 'shakin' the tree'....hoping some of it's fruit rolls my way;-) However, I do think it is very important to express anger, appropriately that is, especially with an 'in the moment' encounter...Otherwise, it will just sit there and fester until given the next opportunity for expression...That is why it is so difficult to go digging for those old bones and bring them to the surface for air...They've been buried alive for a long time and are not very happy to see us when we unearth them...It's like a severely infected's gonna take some time to heal. I'm glad we are continuing to plug along at this...Still a lot of sludge at the bottom of this well...It's nice to find people you can heal with, rather than feeling like you're the one doing all the talking while someone else just assumes the 'listening' role...I think the buddy system works wonders under the appropriate circumstances...even with the more traumatic issues so long as you have complete trust...without it, we flounder...

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #42

#65 ....Humility and forgiveness are very powerful lessons I am learning from you Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich...not easy to forgive those who 'trespass against us'...My father embodied that spirit of humility...that's what made him perfect for the role he played in life as a father and also a police officer..."Steady as she goes," he would say...."Now get on with it." I wish I was more like him, but I've already been made aware I have a long way to go this morning when I snapped at the poor gas station attendant...Here's a guy just doing his job...but I could not understand him...very thick accent...I just said never mind, and drove away. The awareness of how wrong that was hit me immediately, so I guess that's a good thing...We are all human and make very human mistakes...I have to remember that for the next time I encounter my MIL...maybe I will even unlock the door this time;-) Thanks for the tips Lisa Vanderburg...I knew there was a good reason I kept my daughter's Legos!!

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #41

#63 Have to laugh at how confusing it is to keep up with all the numbers Cyndi eye-balls are moving WAY to fast for my brain! Then I just discovered that hovering over a number will link to the relevant comment...I think I'll get the Lego out and play on the floor :)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #40

#57 #58 #56 ooops, went out of order;-)#59 #60 #61 ...I think I've covered y'all...LOL! Lordy. lordy...I just got back from my office to quite the 'commenting fest!' My comment to Lisa seems to have come in late to the party...but no matter...we are all spinning a web of gold here;-) Perhaps we should invest in some french drains for that moat around your castle Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich;-)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #39

#55 PTSD is tough stuff to wrestle with Lisa Vanderburg...and I am no never is it my intention to evoke such disturbances in someone I am working with...If something should come up for them during one of my sessions, I never shut them down if they begin to recall an event that caused them pain...and I never pry into their experience uninvited...I just encourage recognition and release while I work the area of discomfort for them...I have had other therapists comment that once a client begins discussing trauma they (the therapist) becomes uncomfortable and changes the subject...and as a manual therapist, trauma can ALWAYS enter into a session...You are working with the cellular memory stored within the bodies tissues...If it makes you uncomfortable and you just think that going through the motions is going to do the trick, perhaps another line of work is in order. And you are never too old to work things will do it eventually...but there is no deadline you must adhere to...(except for the obvious one;-) and even then you will continue to cycle that which is incomplete... Now, in an earlier comment I mentioned that it makes me nuts when people say they have no time to make time for themselves...but there are exceptions as in your case Lisa...I watched my dad care for my mother at home for well over 20 years before he had to put her in a nursing home...It broke his heart. I am in complete awe of those who sacrifice their lives for others...You are the soldiers on the front lines...

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #38

through #58: Such clarity Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich that you have come away and endowed us with - it's both disarming and applaudable; you are a brand-new person with the best of your old self flowering in abundance! Like #58 Trish Mitchell says, '...please continue to let go of the fear', that is a tribute to your courage. Cyndi wilkins! Y'all delight me - thank you!

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #37

...and some of us can't work out the consequences of 'telling, sweet Cyndi wilkins. FABULOUSLY sticky honey you've addressed here! I am far too decrepit (at the age of 59), to be able to voice whatever...It's too late for some of us,; one must get on with it! Think: Service-Men from the forces of W11 or WW2; they could rarely 'tell'. However, that said I think it healthy for exposure in an environment that feels safe (if you're young enough). God bless you and lead you on! We will die and it will matter little how damaged we were. I just told Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich's name wasn't highlighting - now it is! I'm too old and too encumbered, but I sure as SHITE applaud all your efforts!

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #36

It is not often that I am rendered speechless...but the impact of your comment has done just that CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit...Thank you is all I can muster at the moment;-)

Charlene Norman

4 years ago #35

CityVP \ud83d\udc1d Manjit, greetings and salutations my friend. In so many ways the conversations on beBEE here are richer and deeper than on any other social media platform I have been on and indeed in many places in real life. I think that is what I enjoy the most about beBee. And there are some mighty fine decent people here too. I am frankly so bored talking about my own stuff because everyone has bad stuff in their lives. I survived 50 yrs of stuff and all of it gave me a beautiful three punch gift -- strength, humour and a huge capacity to love. My only purpose is to try to teach all the lessons I learned to others and leave a little footprint stamp on the heart of those I can impact. With any luck, I am allowed to do so on a few someones in the world.

CityVP Manjit

4 years ago #34

Hi Charlene Norman her care-giving is ongoing with that most vicious of conditions which is caring for Parkinsons. I think those experiences are at such another level of being, which is a part of your own experiences caring for others (and in your case the battle to overcome meningitis in addition), that is the experience that is impossible to identify with for those cannot even empathize with it. Unless those who have never experienced this level of care it is not surprising that ignorance abounds and clueless prevails about why the discussion here takes on this shape and form. You will quickly find or are finding, as you see how this has opened up your mind, that these group of ladies, are good to hang with - because you have been through similiar mind-spirit-body situations as they have done. When the human condition is a lived experience what we are honouring here is the experience. The majority of folks never see or touch this challenge because it does not show up in their lives. I also admire here the ability to sustain a sense of humour in what are or have been serious or trying situations life as thrown on them, as it did with you. In so doing it is right to talk of this as a journey of the human condition converting into human spirit.

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #33

You're welcome Charlene Norman...Glad I could help;-)

Charlene Norman

4 years ago #32

Cyndi wilkins wow. you have really opened up my mind this morning. thx

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #31

....just peed my pants Cyndi wilkins....such a more fitting mantra :)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #30

Well I've got to do something while I'm waiting for that freakin' inner peace to show up! Might as well displace a few arachnids...And no OOOOOOHHHHMMMM-ing here...Just....FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK IT;-)

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #29

#45 HAHA - you guys!! aaaaaaaahhhm...or is it ooohm..? LOVE you two and I've a LOT to learn! Come then end of this month, I can do Deb\ud83d\udc1d Lange - most grateful!). When levitating in my lotus position is it too distracting to get those pesky webs off the ceiling? C'mon Cyndi wilkins...just KNOW you do :)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #28

#41 #42 Nothin' wrong with a little 'tude' Lisa Vanderburg and I are masters at that too;-) Sometimes ya just gotta scream...W>>>T>>>F!!!!!! Then you can meditate;-) LOL!

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #27

haha....thanks - funny friend, Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich! Okay - I'm gonna try it your way (baby-bites) without 'tude! I'll try my damnedest NOT to say 'if I get mt hands 'round your neck.....' every time I hear the mantra 'now, just tell yourself how loved you are!' I'll check it out - thanks sweetheart!

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #26

#36 'Aligning zones' did you do that Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich??? I couldn't align peas in a pod!! Cyndi wilkins's astute comment and yours in return - pass me that shovel when you're done :) For me anticipation is the drain; waiting for the inevitable crash....getting away from the riptide you describe so well Cyndi - that's the problem; can't relax with someone thrashing in your arms!

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #25

Given the enormous responsibility you have taken on in caring for your husband Lisa Vanderburg, I'm not the least bit surprised that there is little time for yourself in dealing with your own state of being. Care-taking is ALL consuming of one's energies...eventually something's got to give...You know we are all here for you...If you need a place to vent, a shoulder to lean on or just a place to rest a while and take a mental break from all the chaos...we are here;-) XOXO

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #24

I think suppressing our energies is something we have been taught to do from a very early age Kevin Baker...So of course it would make sense that we would have to go back to the 'scene of the crime' and dig up those old bones to give our selves a fresh perspective on our experiences. Until will do that, there really is no moving forward...We just continually tread water in a never-ending under current of activity that keeps spurring the embedded memories of our unresolved past...If we do not ever address these issues, they will eventually drag us under...Facing them head on sets us free.

Lisa Vanderburg

4 years ago #23

This resounds with me Cyndi wilkins! I've seemed to spend much of my life being led by the body or the mind - rarely the two together...that's why I'm such a mess!! :) I've missed so much lately - bleedin' Parkinson's Awareness month. You are such a positive force....keep gelled!!

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #22

Thank you Bill Stankiewicz, \ud83d\udc1d Brand Ambassador...x3;-)))
A buzz from a great bee here: I agree, you do great articles here & Cyndi wilkins, And Google does love you. Nice buzz we need to see more. :~)) , thx, BILL STANKIEWICZ- Savannah
I agree, you do great articles here & Cyndi wilkins, And Google does love you. Nice buzz we need to see more. :~)) , thx, BILL STANKIEWICZ- Savannah
I agree, you do great articles here & Cyndi wilkins, And Google does love you. Nice buzz we need to see more. :~)) , thx, BILL STANKIEWICZ- Savannah

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

4 years ago #18

No issues I am glad just to share the experience of your exchanges. Have a beautiful day 🤗

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

4 years ago #17

Cyndi wilkins No issues I am glad just to share the experience. Have a beautiful day 🤗

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #16

Dear \ud83d\udc1d Fatima Williams...As I am poking through these comments for anyone I may have overlooked, dare I say I failed to respond to yours...Shame on me! So sorry my dear...You are a constant source of support in my posts and I appreciate your input and amazingly positive vibes at ALL times! You rock;-)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #15

#26 Thank you Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee ..I may be headed for Ambassadorship yet;-)

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #14

Thanks Cyndi wilkins, Google is loving you !*

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #13

You have stopped the cycle of disease in your family by not spoon-feeding the same bile of abuse to your own children...Write on Joyce Bowen;-)
I've been told by some that my Multiple Sclerosis was most likely caused by the trauma I suffered as a child, and I do, indeed, feel that fear screaming through my body when I write about certain things. But I continue to do so in the hopes that my psyche--and body--will become enured to the effects of that trauma and it will simply become a story to tell.

Ian Weinberg

4 years ago #11

Cindi this is an important perspective, well articulated in your buzz. And yes Cindi and Deb\ud83d\udc1d Lange the conventional bio-medical model is hopelessly inadequate in providing a comprehensive framework for dealing with the spectrum of maladies with which we need to engage. In my work I have substituted 'consciousness' for 'soul', but I believe we are talking about the same thing. For interest, perhaps see one of my earlier buzzes at

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #10

#19 Precisely Deb\ud83d\udc1d Lange...That is exactly why numerous cancers and auto-immune diseases are running rampant in the world today...People don't want to talk about it because they don't to take responsibility for the role they play in the creation of illness...And if that makes people uncomfortable...GOOD! It is discomfort that moves us into action...Sometimes this concept generates a great deal of anger in people...especially when dealing with the excruciating pain of having a sick child...How could an innocent child possibly create their own illness??? Well, it's not necessarily of their doing if you consider the source...Let's take a long, hard look at the well... I would refer us all back to Donna's comment: "I grew up on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota. There was often talk of historical trauma and how the children felt the pains of the ancestors. I think the value of the health of the soul is something the world has forgotten, or chosen to ignore." I think there is a lot of truth in that statement. And thank you debasish majumder...for your very encouraging words;-)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #9

#11 Thank you for lending your powerful voice to this discussion Sara Jacobovici...It is always a pleasure...I am humbled by your consistent support and your participation in the very important work being done here on these inner levels of awareness that many of us have yet to explore. The more our voices are heard, the more people are intrigued to listen to their own "inner voice." The journey is much more fun when you travel in packs;-) It would be an honor to provide you with my feedback on your blog @Abhishek shah...I have been experiencing the phenomena of astral projection on a conscious level since the age of perhaps you and I could share some of our fascinating journeys throughout the cosmos;-)

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #8

#7 #9 This is "The Buddy System" at its finest;-) We are all learning amazing things from sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other...We are all doing EXACTLY what we came here to do...Help the world heal through healing ourselves;-) What a great concept!

Sara Jacobovici

4 years ago #7

Important discussion Cyndi wilkins, for your work and contributions.
Cyndi wilkins were also heavily involved in the discussions and even writing buzzes on my buzzes. I a saying this to add that this post goes a long way in highlighting the value of our senses and the health of our minds. You are absolutely correct and we need to pay more attention to the overall health of our mind, bodies and senses and that they interplay with each other. A worthy buzz to share.

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #5

You know, it is interesting that you say that Donna...I've heard many stories from psychics who comment on how powerful the "Energy Imprints" are when they have visited Native American Reservations...Some of them even becoming physically sick or nauseated when passing through areas of bloodshed and ferocious fighting for their survival. Personally, I still cannot stomach any of the images or stories related to the Holocaust for the same reason...Makes me physically ill with the mere thought that people actually behaved that way under the reign of a complete psychopath...Makes me shiver for the state of the US today....and of course the trickle down effect it will have on a global scale...Fingers crossed for a revolution;-)

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

4 years ago #4

@Cyndi wilkins You three beautiful women on a remarkable virtual journey transcending our understanding of our inter-connectedness with all of nature. To acknowledge and release our memories is a very big challenge and Deb Lange's book is breaking all the barriers down. Thank you to both the Deb's and you Cyndi 🤗

🐝 Fatima G. Williams

4 years ago #3

Cyndi wilkins You three beautiful women on a transcending our understanding of our inter-connectedness with all of nature. To acknowledge and release our memories is a very big challenge and Deb Lange's book is breaking all the barriers down. Thank you to both the Deb's and you Cyndi 🤗

Cyndi wilkins

4 years ago #2

#1 Thank you for sharing this ...Well that certainly makes sense to me Donna...Being as we tend to inherit similar personality traits and cultural habits of our parents...Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...And if any of that is true on a cellular level, whatever we do to help ourselves heal would have a trickle down effect throughout future generations...So we can serve as the healing Ambassadors for;-)
This is soul interesting, Cyndi wilkins, thanks for the creation and sharing it!

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