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Causes and Risk Factor for Lymphedema

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Causes and risk factors for lymphedema include breast cancer surgery, treatment for other types of cancer, trauma, infection, trauma, obesity, cardiac impairment, vascular impairment, and kidney disease.   Hence, Lymphatic Therapy Services offer breast cancer lymphedema treatment in San Diego and Lymphedema treatment in San Diego to giving rid of fat disorders. Breast cancer lymphedema treatment San Diego shows the relationship between lymphedema and breast cancer in a variety of respects. Lymph vessels are destroyed when axillary lymph nodes (under the arm) are withdrawn after breast cancer therapy. Radiation and chemotherapy are given after the surgery. Radiation therapy may induce skin irritation, which necessitates a higher lymphatic load. 


The top layer of skin is damaged by radiation, and diminished drainage is caused by the skin's limited ability to spread. Chemotherapy leads lymphatic vessels to fibrosis (abnormal scarring), impairing lymph transport across the body. As the lymphatic system is harmed, the chance of lymphedema increases. Treatment for breast, pelvic region tumors, lymphoma, and melanoma increases the risk of lymphedema in the face and neck; head and neck cancers also cause lymphedema in the face and neck. Both regions are close to more lymph nodes and vessels that may be removed or damaged. Lymphatic drainage can also be obstructed by a post-surgical and detox treatment in San Diego.

The lymphatic pathway is located very close to the surface of the skin. Any type of trauma may cause lymphatic vessel or lymph node damage that is irreversible. The lymph system can be damaged by crushing fractures, burns, and other body traumas, but surgical incisions and scar tissue formation can also serve as a deterrent to proper drainage. Inflammation is how our bodies respond to infection. An infection can cause the onset of lymphedema if our mechanism is at risk. And, depending on the severity of the infection, lymphatic vessels and nodes can be damaged. Adipose tissue (fat) conditions, in addition to being overweight, may increase the risk of lymphedema. Excess fat can suffocate superficial lymphatic vessels and nodes, reducing lymphatic drainage and resulting in fat disorders in San Diego. Lipedema Treatment San Diego includes maintaining a healthy weight. This is particularly true in the case of congestive heart failure. The lymphatic ducts return lymph to the heart to be emptied. People can find swelling in their legs and fluid retention if their heart function is impaired. Harm to the lymphatics as well as the skin can arise if not treated correctly, resulting in lymphedema.   However, if a chronic vascular condition is not addressed, the lymphatic system may ultimately be unable to carry this heavy lymphatic burden, resulting in swelling. The lymphedema will develop if chronic venous insufficiency is not treated.

Your kidneys need to remove excess fluid and waste from your body. When kidney function is compromised, the body's ability to drain fluid is hampered. This can cause swelling in the body, which can lead to lymphedema. You can look for Post-Surgical Therapy in San Diego for better treatment outcomes.  Lymphedema is a stressful illness because it is unstable. It may happen immediately after cancer treatment or months or even years later. You can never develop lymphedema, depending on the form of surgery and cancer therapies you undergo. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned below, you can contact us right away.







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