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Bring in your Old, Tired Car, take away one that looks brand new!

Rhyno Car Wash is a car service firm operating in Jonesboro, Searcy, Paragould, and Cabot. We are proud to be the top-notch car wash and car detailing facility in Searcy and Cabot Arkansas. All through the years, we have brought innovation to this industry, thus giving ourselves the strength and the confidence in staying ahead of the stiff competition and gaining the admiration of the masses across all of our locations. The Principles we cherish in our work detail around three pillars, quality at affordable cost, customer safety, and convenience. Open 9 am to 5 pm through the week, we care for customers and see to it that they have smiles after every service, having a thorough idea of what people expect from a Car service center. We are happy to inform you that at Jonesboro we offer Unlimited Car Wash Packages and Fleet Service Packages to our customers.

Car Detailing is one important task that we undertake. The usage of clear coat polish in all the work that we do keeps the shine of your vehicle lasting longer, thereby manumitting the car off greasy and oily stuff upon which the chemical is harsh, and renders the car a clean sheen and shine. The chemicals we use have surfactants, a chemical that lowers the surface tension of the liquid into which it is dissolved.

This is the age of eco-friendliness, and we are more than happy to let you know that only environmentally friendly chemicals are used in our works so that we can proudly boast as being committed to its cause. Most cleansers are very toxic by nature, however, the chemicals that we use are safe from toxicity. Our Earth Ready Program speaks of the care and attention we pay for nature and thus heralds the era of our total commitment to the achievement of safety alongside the highest standards of quality in our chosen field of expertise. In particular, special products like LustraShield® with BDR® give your vehicle shine and protection on the surface, and it also repels the dust particles which settle from the brakes of your vehicle, thus giving your car a brand-new look. This chemical adheres to the body of the vehicle and helps retain a high-quality gloss on its surface. Clearcoat sealer is another such product that will prevent dry spots from appearing on the surface of your vehicle. To the end of a Spot Free Rinse, we use the Reverse Osmosis process. This process is similar to the ones used in making bottled water. Tire shine is used to give the tires of your vehicle a brand-new look with the clean and glossy look it leaves on them, leaving all the tough dirt and dust away. The Triple Foam Conditioner and Cleaner helps water to drip away as beads, this product contains surfactants similar to other cleaners which we mentioned earlier. In addition, this also contains additives which are bug removers and glass cleaners. Wheels and rims quite often collect lots of oily dust., which are removed by our Wheel Brite Cleaner. These contain solvents and wetting agents which break the bond between dirt and the wheels and/or rims.

Any company thrives on the sole merit of the opinions of its customer base. This very fact keeps us ticking about our lives, and we are quite too bothered about our esteem which entirely depends on satisfying our valuable customers, as also building the customer base and keeping them well informed in technologies and the materials we use in processing service requests. We sincerely hope you will fall in love with our service, the products that we use, and the ambiance we provide for you...

Unlimited car vacuum is offered by us. Do come and step in for an in-depth overview of how we process your vehicles: Car Detailing, Car Wash, Car Wax, Car Vacuum, the latest technologies for the competent pricing, from the moment you arrive till you leave our premises. It is only then that you could appreciate the work and material at our end and the true value of your hard-earned money. Leave us an inquiry at our site or talk to us: or speak to our people at Jonesboro: (870) 933-6603 Searcy: (501) 268-0555 Cabot: (501) 286-7976 or Paragould: (870) 240-0101

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