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Brighter Days Of Hope

Is it just me or do days seem so bleak, that I have to catch myself and think oh that's right, I have faith.  I am a big praying person the last 20 years, but the past 6 months I have increased dramatically.  I was talking with a few friends recently, even if there are some making a ton of money out of those of us who are unfortunate at the moment, there is no doubt we will all remember this to be the toughest year ever, or at least up there with the most recent war (when our innocent   citizens were attacked in New York City).  Which is why I wanted to bring up tough subjects that we must live with.  Let's say a friend you have known for a long time, who has had a positive impact on your life, turns out to commit suicide.  The most covered by the Media's case was Robin Williams, and is something we find very hard to understand.  For this loving, kind, and successful guy to end his own life, everyone can only speculate as to why, we can never really know for sure can we?  Then someone who absolutely loves bacon is one of the most biggest animals lovers on the planet and this person wonders how he came this far without changing his eating habits.  We like to push things out of our head, it's like we live as 2 people in an oxi-moran way, existing on this planet with different standards.  If you are blessed to not be effected, and still are alive in 2021, you will surely be more grateful after this year ends.  This unforgettable year will create a new generation that is dead set on improving the world around them and our leaders will be more accountable for their actions.  Authorities will have to prove themselves to it's citizens, and earn their trust, you will see more families living positive lives, development of caring businesses, others will be taking mental health more seriously, and many will stand up for others or causes with justice in mind.  We also will pay attention to scientists and their opinions, all in hopes of telling others "so glad 2020 is over".  We will finally concentrate on #rightthewrongs orientations and clean up our lives and the lives around us.  Lets be a gentler society, that does not judge others, who honestly wish well for others, so we will truly see a better world to come.  In hopes we can keep praying for others, and thanking the heroes who have helped us through, to survive in 2020 #healthcareworkers #miltaryservice #truckdrivers #foodsuppliers and others.  Thank you for taking the time to read my take on this weeks world around us, wishing Peace to all ... 

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