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Blessed To Be Here

Blessed To Be HereCurrency Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock ( thank you iStock by Getty Images for the photo I have chosen for this article.

Let me start by mentioning all of the brave in the world, and all of us going through a very tough time these past few years.  I will continue, and would like to thank others, who decide to pray for us all.  I have had a blessed life, grateful to my family and friends, that I have been blessed to make, along the way, in my life's journey.  I believe that being a Mom has in many ways, made me a smarter person.  There are things that I may never have took notice, and given much attention to, if it weren't for my daughter.  Whether it is something we agree on, or something we disagree on, just talking about it, gives us a start to form a dialogue, and helps in finding a way for progress. Sometimes it has nothing to do with her directly, and I just feel others pain, like when I read in an article, or see on the News, that something is happening.  If it weren't for being a Mom, I may have not taken it to heart as much as if I weren't a Mom (bringing it home so to speak). I have never been much of a fan of superstitions, but in this case, I was horrified it was taken like truth.  I remember years ago finding out about a society in another country, were it was suppose to be "lucky" for men to rape women.  These women (in the Congo) that were being affected (were of all ages, could be a child of 5 years, or an old woman of 80) all being victims throughout their land.  I was thinking back then, how sad and angry I would be, if I lived in that place, where my husband, son, or brother would be behaving in such a manner.  I would be fighting everyday, for this madness to stop, and look to the leaders to educate the country.  

When I disagree with my daughter, just the fact she tells me about her view and explains why she disagrees, makes me far less angry than she thinks.  I often have to look in the mirror and see that I could be wrong or right, we are not always on the same team of an issue, but at least we communicate, and get to see each other's point of view.  When I start questioning my own view, and she does the same (usually 50/50) at least we have decided to bring what is going on, to the table.  For every solution to change, there is always opposing views to a problem.  The different points of view is key to getting to the "change for the better" as they say.  For an example, my daughter told me about Epstein before it broke, I was horrified, not in this country (I thought to myself, how could this of happened).  I often go to her (as a Mom) always thinking of safety and myself being older than her I think about things that I have gone through with experience, I was the one to mention to my daughter Covid, when she came back at me about reading it was a hoax, we instantly fought about it's legitimacy. Sometimes we need to disagree to get to the bottom of what's truly going on in the world in order to find a solution or way to get us all on the right path to better in this life.

When people think of money, do they really think of our maker "In God We Trust"?  As we pray tonight, communicating to  God, maybe we should ask him to help us, in getting all the wrongs right, while remembering we ALL are students and changers in life (learning and growing everyday). Everyone makes a few mistakes along the way, and I thank God, for all the knowledge he has given us in this life, as well as the spirit to make us turn towards the right path into our future. Finally I would like to bring up, in hopes that the leaders in the world, someday all similar agendas for the people of the world, working to correct all the bad, and resolving to help make the world a better place to live.  

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Michael Andersen

8 months ago #1

great, it's a great initiative..

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