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Big Plans for the New Year?


Big plans for the New Year?

So the New Year has arrived and plans have been put in motion but just what are those planes based on? Are those planes based on facts or emotions? It is almost always a great idea to stretch out and try bold ideas but what is the basses of the planning?

The first foundation or basses is the question “what do I want to accomplish, what is my goal?” For example a freshman at high school wants to join the baseball team. So the goal is to join the team. This leads us to question two. What do I need to do to get on the team? One answer might be meeting the coach and asking what the requirements are; GPA, hours involved, etc.

The next step is to ask what it takes to accomplish the requirements to meeting my goal. If my GPA is not high enough what do I need to do in order to raise it; obtain a tutor or better study habits are some ideas. The last question is the most important. Am I willing to put in the time and effort needed to see my plan through to success? Am I willing to learn better study habits, study hard raise my grades so that I am able to try out for the team. Please notice this does not guarantee my place on the team just provides an opportunity to try out for the team. Getting on the team is a whole separate answer to question two.

This last question can only be asked after we have looked at what it will actually take to accomplish the goal. Yes we know what we want, we have determined what success looks like and we have planned a rout that will take us there. We have evaluated the problems we face and the potential solutions. But just like the freshman looking to join the team it will take a lot of work, effort and even re-planning if an idea fails to provide the correct answer. The last question we ask is vital, is the goal worth the effort?

When you have a goal worth the effort then jump in with both feet and strive for success. Half thought out plans can result in road blocks that are not surmounted by effort alone. But he who only plans never succeeds.


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