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Awareness through Covid-19 Podcasts

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As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, our understanding of the disease and its influence on all aspects of society continues to grow. Listenwise has just released several audio courses to aid in the teaching and learning of COVID-19. We've compiled a list of some of our most interesting and educational audio lessons, sorted by topic, with suggestions on how to apply them. The lessons provided below, organized by topic, can be used in a variety of ways. Listed below are a few options: Teach vocabulary using 30-second "Weird News" articles on social distancing methods or methods to aid during the epidemic. As Erik Eve did with his 8th-grade class, have students pick a relevant tale and reflect on how it connects to their life. Assign and discuss tales on pandemic dynamics, protection, and testing to help students understand the relevance of public health measures they are required to observe both inside and outside the classroom. 


Encourage children to feel empathy by assigning tales about pandemic situations that they may not be familiar with. Instruct students to engage in polite debate regarding current issues in public discourse, such as whether masks should be required by law or if contact tracking should be done using surveillance technologies. Explore the effect of the epidemic on civic, economic, and social institutions including voting, food supply chains, and public education by using audio tales with community voices to explore the impact of the epidemic on those institutions. Set up a jigsaw exercise in which small groups of kids listen to different stories and then teach what they've learned to one another. Create a research project in which students examine a specific area of the epidemic, beginning with audio tales on the issue, and then presenting their findings to the class. 

Many audio stories with out-of-date data contain information and ideas that are still essential to comprehending the pandemic, such as viral transmission rates and preventative tactics, immunology research, public health inequities, and everyday life disturbances. Of course, while talking about the epidemic, which may have caused challenges for pupils, it's equally critical to pay attention to their social and emotional well-being. These tales look at how COVID-19 has influenced society in a variety of ways, including education, fashion, sports, and economic security. It has brought attention to concerns of fairness and posed obstacles to civic participation. 

It has also provided possibilities for learning the intricate ways in which our global civilization is linked. Expert international faculty deliver weekly MedicalMinute updates, host biweekly Question and Answer Webinars, and author a constantly updated downloadable slide set with the most up-to-date information on covid podcasts epidemiology and clinical management; different topics include best business practices and ongoing research in screening, preventive measures, diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and treatment for a variety of patients. Explorethespacehow is getting popularity based on the services in the field of the podcast. Here you can find a baseball coaching podcast, curriculum vitae podcast, and digital health podcast. We assure you you will find satisfactory services here. 

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