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Art Podcast: Reason of Artist Survival

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What if you could be in your studio making your next incredible work of art while also gaining valuable ideas on how to market it? It's entirely feasible. Consider substituting your classical jazz or techno tracks with a podcast from hosts Antrese Wood or Cory Huff if you listen to music while working. Explorethespacehow is helping you to survive in different fields through advocacy podcast, academic medicine podcast, and art & humor podcast based on your demand. These podcasts will teach you new sales techniques, marketing best practices, art licensing advice, and more. All you have to do now is listening while working.


Art Marketing Action Podcasts

Alyson Stanfield is a 20-year veteran in the art marketing industry. While her podcasts are presently unavailable, you may still listen to her outstanding content online. Don't take our word for it; listen to discover real art marketing strategies including how to attract high-end purchasers, use a contact list to your advantage, and encourage people to sell your work for you.

The College Art Association

Who better to learn from than the College Art Association if you're seeking professional development? They have a team dedicated to helping artists build their careers, and they've been doing it for 104 years! Budgeting for artists, work-life balance, and polishing your artist statement are among the themes covered in these episodes.

Art Heroes Radio

John interviews artists and creative entrepreneurs who have gone through it all and excelled in the art business, as part of his commitment to producing excellent material for his show. You'll discover what works and, more crucially, what doesn't, so you can take control of your painting career.


Are you itching to learn more about the art market? ArtTactic podcasts include everything from art market analyses to new art markets, so you can get answers to all of your burning art industry issues. Industry veterans offer success stories and the best venues to sell your work through conversations with renowned auction house CEOs and creators of online art marketplaces.

Artists Helping Artists

Leslie Saeta has you covered Whether you're looking for unique ways to promote your work, the fundamentals of giclee printing, or how to make the most of social media. This gifted painter has a love for teaching other artists and a unique viewpoint based on her 30 years in the marketing sector. Leslie's podcasts provide unconventional, yet intelligent, advice on how to advertise your work on the internet. She's just another example of why artists aiding artists is a fantastic idea!

The Abundant Artist

Cory Huff is dedicated to debunking the idea of the starving artist, and his podcasts on the issue are terrific. His podcasts contain conversations with established artists who offer sound advice on how to run a successful art company. For example, Andrew Tischler talks about the significance of keeping account of hours and inventory, while Flora Bowley talks about how to properly license your art. To guarantee you accomplish your desired degree of success, listen to his podcasts to acquire crucial art marketing and selling ideas. In addition to these motivating podcasts, you can also visit us for the best advocacy podcasts. 

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