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Arizona DNA Testing

Welcome to AZ DNA. Do you need DNA and paternity testing in Arizona? Contact AZ DNA. We also offer all types of DNA testing services at the best prices. We also gave the best results to our customers. Our lab is a certified and recognized in all courts. AZ DNA provides FREE MOBILE SERVICE every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday.


AZ DNA is a single source for all your DNA-based Paternity Testing needs. We provide the most reliable (Accuracy & Reliability >99.99%) DNA Testing Services in Arizona at affordable prices. All exclusions are repeated to confirm whether it is excluded or not. Since we repeat all exclusion cases, this may delay results a day or so. Our Legal Paternity Testing service is for those who expect Paternity Test Results to be used for legal purposes and need results strongly supported in a court of law. A complete chain of custody is established and maintained throughout the process. 

Are you searching for the best and affordable DNA and paternity service in Scottsdale, Phoenix, AZ? Contact Us. We are a reliable and trustworthy DNA service provider in your local areas. We also gave brilliant results to our customers. We also offer legal paternity tests, father and child DNA tests, Arizona DNA testing at the lowest prices. Our experts are certified, trained, and licensed. We cover all areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, AZ, and the nearby regions. 

Call us now on 480-695-6250 for same-day DNA Testing Services in Arizona. Contact us to schedule your testing appointment.

Visit Website:- azdna.com

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