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Apparel & Accessory Store Closure In USA | Locationscloud

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Apparel & Accessory
Closure in USA


There had total 351 of apparel and accessories closures in USA in August 2020 with California having 11.4% of the apparel stores closures with 40 closures.
The LocationsCloud Data Store observes the locations data of the 53 apparel brands within the USA. We have got 17 of the apparel & accessories brands closed stores in the August 2020.

Download A Complete Listing Of The Store Closures

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You may download a complete listing of apparels & accessory stores closure locations utilized for the report in the Excel file together with geo-coded address, contact details, as well as providers from data store.

A listing of store closure for the Apparel & Accessory closures in the dataset include Abercrombie & Fitch, Old Navy, Banana Republic, H&M, Adidas, TJ Maxx, Levi Strauss, Athleta, Dillard’s, Chico’s, Aldo, BoxLunch, K&G Fashion Superstore, Victoria’s Secret, Jos. A. Bank, and Michael Kors.
Download the Dataset

Total Apparels And Accessories Store Closures In Terms Of State

A state having maximum stores closures for the apparels and accessories in the USA is California having 40 store closures, trailed by Florida having 31 (8.8%) of the store closures, as well as New York as well as Texas having 23 (6.5%) of the store closure.

States Having Maximum Apparels And Accessories Store Closures

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Top Cities Having Maximum Apparels And Accessories Store Closures

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Percentage Of Apparels And Accessories Store Closures Within 2020

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Percentage of Closures.



In August 2020, Jos. A. Bank had closed 62.9% of the total stores as well as is an apparel chain getting maximum percentage of closed stores trailed by Gap having 10.5% as well as K&G Fashion Superstore having 7.2% respectively.
Tailored Brands that owns K&G Fashion Superstore and Jos. A. Bank, is closing hundreds of apparel stores as well as considerably reducing its business workforce because the coronavirus pandemic is constantly devastating the retail industry. Though Gap Inc. is closing all the stores under different brands like Banana Republic and Gap, it is adding new stores to other two brands Athletes and Old Navy.
The table here shows retail brands having higher closures than 1% of the total stores.


Download The Dataset

The LocationsCloud Data Store offers locations data for hundreds of brands given across different industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Fast Food, etc.
You may subscribe to different stores data plans as well as find datasets getting data points having store openings, parking accessibility, store closure, services, in-store pickup alternatives, subsidiaries, nearest competitors store, etc.
You may also download the complete datasets utilized for the analysis from data store. A table given here is random as well as smaller samples of records to look at different fields as well as data we offer:

Surviving The Retail Disaster

Retail industry has been hit hard by this coronavirus pandemic because store closures and bankruptcies have increased. As the retailers are reopening slowly, they could have to look at the sales floor differently. Adopting different methods like offering locker pickup, curbside pickup, or converting stores into distribution or fulfillment of internet sales centers.
Different budget retailers as well as variety stores including Dollar Tree, Dollar General, as well as Five Below are kicking the trend as well as expanding quickly because these chains have supported the positions of budget-centric customers.
In case, the retail brands are having a strong performance heading in the crisis as well as have an efficient position with customers for coming periods of economic doubt they might have the chances of thriving in coming time.

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