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Alexis Ren Dreams Big

Alexis Ren Dreams Big

These days, there are so many new opportunities out there for people to make a name for themselves. One of these happens to be social media, and Alexis has that down. From her start as a child model, to her current adventures as part of several fashion and beauty campaigns, Alexis documents it all online. For better or worse, she shares it all with her fans, and they keep coming back for more.

What’s she do?

Alexis travels the world, sharing stunning shots of her adventures as well as her current favorite beach wear. She started modeling when she was in her early teens, and soon captured the attention of social media followers and brands alike. She’s currently working with brands like L’Oreal and Calvin Klein, among others.

Her big break came at 15 from a shot that ended up on Tumblr, and her fame has only grown since then. She’s also appeared in a video for the band The Chainsmokers, and dreams of making the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition one day.


How’d she do it?

All those bikini snaps have led people to ask how the twenty-something managed to get that 34-22-34 body. Her diet and workout secrets are a hot search, and they come down to a couple of things: real food and commitment.

Alexis prefers raw, organic foods to fuel her body, although she does indulge once in a while and hasn’t cut meat completely out of her diet. She just avoids all red meat. A quick search shows a more detailed list of her favorites, although kale chips, fruit and veggie burgers are high on the list.

As far as her exercise regime goes, she mixes it up with a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, as well as  self-defense and yoga.

Controversy and Lessons Learned


Social Star

The main network that shows up when you search for Alexis is her Instagram account, the place where she shares her travels, behind the scenes shots, and more with over eight million followers. She also shares clips of her workout sessions and photos of her favorite treats so people can see just what she does to keep that figure.

Read More About Alexis Ren Here

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David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #1

Nice buzz, Candice. I hope you're doing well and enjoying sunny climes. Also, I might be ready to propose to Alexis if you can set up a meet and greet (lol).

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