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Affordable Real Estate Stocks to Invest In

Affordable Real Estate Stocks to Invest In

Investment is something you need to take seriously and do cautiously. Deciding to invest in something is even more of a risk when the stock market seems entirely too expensive. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest at all—several real estate investment trusts (REITs) are affordable and could deliver promising returns for long-term investors. Here are a few affordable real estate stocks that are worth investing in.  

Digital Realty

Digital Realty is one of the largest REITs on the market. It owns and operates a large number of data center properties globally and is driven to be customer-centric. Digital Realty’s mission is to provide its customers with a solid foundation in the digital world that they can trust through cloud usage, information technology services, social networking, financial services, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t heavily impact it; in fact, the lockdowns increased online data flow around the world, putting their stocks at a high. Today, however, shares in Digital Realty are nearly 20% lower than the previous year. 

Digital Realty is perfect for those who are planning in the long-term. Long-term trends in digital data are going strong with things such as 5G technology and internet-connected devices. Investing in Digital Realty now could prove beneficial for years down the line.

STORE Capital

Unlike Digital Realty, STORE Capital focuses on single-tenant properties occupied by service and retail tenants. They focus on providing customers with financial solutions to raise shareholder value and remain customer-centric in their financial solutions. STORE Capital specializes in maximizing its customers’ financial opportunities and providing said-customers knowledge and expertise on single-tenant real estate. The COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately struck the company’s properties hard, with about one-third of its tenants being forced to shut down in 2020, but recent news has been promising. Rent collection has grown from 70% of billed rent at the height of the pandemic to 93% back in February, and almost all of the company’s properties are open for business once more. 

STORE Capital expects to be in all-out growth mode throughout 2021. Shares for the company are at about 15% below their pre-pandemic high, making it an excellent company to invest in now for its future growth. 

Final Thoughts

No matter where you invest, know that you aren’t signing up for quick profits when you’re investing in a long-term investment. Long-term investment means that you’ll be reaping the benefits of this decision weeks, months, or years down the line; even then, things can happen that turn this investment on its head. Investment in general means taking a great amount of risk. However, these companies, along with cheap ones not listed here, have a bright future ahead of them, so invest if you’re able.

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Rachael Northrup

Rachael Northrup

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To be honest, it's hard to tell if real estate worth investment...

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