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Accounting and Taxation Services in Houston TX


e Accounting
* Bookkeeping
¢ Consulting


CKO CPAs & Advisors is a well-known name in the finance industry. They are specialized in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Services(Tax preparations & fillings), and Consulting Services(Business planning and management). At CKO CPAs & Advisors we handle all the above-mentioned services for you so that you can focus on your business. We are having experience of many years in this sector, helped many clients to reach the top by providing genuine services. Not only this we provide accounting, tax, and consulting services from individuals to big corporate firms. We work with a unique strategy for the individual client so that we can fulfill the expectation of our patrons.


Why choose CKO?

Customer satisfaction is our priority which completes by providing the quality services that make us the best service provider company of Accounting Services in Houston, Taxation Services in Houston, and across the USA.

 We focus on our core values.

  • Building Trust
  • Supreme Accuracy
  • Professional Work
  • Intimate
  • Experience


Accounting involves the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non-financial data for businesses and organizations. Every business is important for this you must have the best accounting and bookkeeping service provider for your

firm so that it will helpful for your business like it helps in managing the financial transaction records, investment details of the businesses and helps in business growth, etc. We have professional team members, they have done projects for very big clients. 


Tax Services: CKO is the leading company that maintains its position in the finance sector because we provide unbelievable supreme tax preparation services across the USA. We help our customers in making the tax preparation task easy so that you can do the business conveniently without any pitfall involved in tax preparation. A person gets disturbed due to the changing tax laws, their guidelines, terms and conditions, and of course its deadlines. We do the tax preparation, tax fillings, IRS Tax Resolution, and tax planning for our clients from individuals to big ventures at the local, state, and national government levels.


Consulting Services: At CKO we not only provide tax and accounting services but also consulting services in houston, USA to our customer's si that with the ease of these above-mentioned services we also help in the proper management and other business planning of the company so that we can plan the better investment plan for the firms which will help in generating the more gains from the company. We advise our clients that how our Consulting service strategy will going to help in their businesses, Like the 


  • Profit and loss Strategy: we do the inspection of the firms & try to find the man cause of their profit and loss & then work on it for the better improvement.
  • More margin on profit: Every firm goes from up and downs but the key factor that plays an important role is the profit margin without this a business will not last long so we try to offers the best strategy in the improvement of it.
  • Key measures for the business: including the business planning and strategy, financial expense transparency, investment plan, and the upcoming business goal.


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