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About Me

About Me


Dear Fellow Bees:

I love the fact that I am getting to know more about YOU through reading, sharing, and conversation! I have read some dynamite interviews by and about my fellow bees, and I want to share a little about me.

Undoubtedly, you are familiar with the word bio, which is the shortened version of the word biography. Well, I am going to do my best to compile a shortened version of my life, bio vs. biography. Mind you, this post covers only a few highlights.

Born and raised in Orlando, FL before the mouse, meaning before Disney World. I obtained my education up until college, in Orlando. I am an only child with parents that hailed from Detroit, MI and New Orleans, LA. My mother passed away when I was 23, a devastating life event for me.聽

聽My first husband and I were married for nine years; we went our separate ways the day I turned 30. On that same day, which was also my birthday, my father passed away. The handwriting was on the wall that I had to toughen up and move forward.

There were a lot of good times, so no regrets. I learned a long time ago not to look back. I had the experience of living in Orlando while Disney was taking shape. These were exciting times. Disney created the opportunity for many modeling and acting jobs. I was involved in modeling and worked as an extra in a few commercials. No big-time jobs but it was a helluva lot of fun.

It was obvious I wasn鈥檛 going to eke out a living in modeling or TV so I landed a job at an insurance company. After 40+ years in the insurance industry, I retired. This past July 1st marked my 3rd year of retirement.

I left Orlando when I turned 30 and lived from one end of Florida to the other (Tampa to Daytona Beach and Miami to Jacksonville). Due to happenings in my past, it became obvious to me how quickly life can change. I was determined to enjoy life to the hilt.

Other than attending college in Fulton, MO, and living in Marlton, NJ for a few years, I lived most of my life in Florida until 2012.聽 My insurance career flourished. I was co-owner of my own agency for nine years in Hollywood, FL. This led me to many great experiences including travels to London and several U.S. cities over the course of nine years. It also led me to the finality of my career, via transfer to Atlanta, GA, where I retired.

Yes, there is a lot more to my story but this will have to serve as a shortened summation of many years and experiences.聽 Currently, I live in Roswell, GA with my husband, Paul, and our cat, Amanda. Neither Paul nor I had children, so it is just the three of us. To say the least with all three of us on Medicare, life is anything but dull. I must say, the three of us are currently healthy and I am at a very happy time in my life.聽 Whoops, we have a new edition to the family, Sally Sue. She brings with her a lot of memories and great fun. Car shows, here we come!


Why I write: After retiring, I had a huge void in my life. My position, as a commercial insurance underwriter, required a lot of writing. The insurance industry refers to it as documentation, and anything we enter into a file can be used in a court of law. So I am accustomed to writing, but a different way of writing. And I am pretty decent at operating a computer. I thought what better way to fill some of my time than to write. I somehow stumbled on WordPress, which was the start of my blogging experience.

I believe the blogging phenomenon is fantastic! It is a wonderful opportunity to be creative by expressing yourself with words, photos, and art. For me, the most fulfilling part of blogging is the camaraderie within my group.聽

I have no set goals or visions of grandeur relating to blogging/writing. My need is to fill my time and feel useful. I find it is taking some time not to write like an insurance underwriter, meaning dry and factual with no flair. Just the facts, ma鈥檃m, just the facts 鈥 know what I mean? 聽Yep, one step at a time is my new motto.

鈥淚nch by inch, life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life's hard.鈥

聽John Bytheway

My typical day begins early. I am an early riser because I enjoy the mornings. After putting myself together, breakfast, and playing with the cat, I am on my computer. I check our email and then access my favs. I spend a lot of time in beBee and WordPress, and now I just dabble in LinkedIn. I also enjoy playing games on


Yes, I do other things besides look at my computer all day 鈥 the usual cooking, cleaning, and shopping. My husband and I share in the household duties. Amanda, being a long-haired cat, keeps us busy.


Regarding any future plans, there is nothing carved in stone except frequent local travel. I don't fly anymore due to inner ear issues thus we take a lot of road trips. We visit these quaint little cities, Helen, GA and Blue Ridge, GA frequently. In fact, we have even contemplated moving to one of those cities.

beBee and WordPress keep me busy; beBee being #1 and WordPress runs a close second. I migrated from LinkedIn to beBee because I was not pleased with LI鈥檚 continuous confusion and lackluster attitude. I have Paul 鈥淧ablo鈥 Croubalian to thank because it was one of his posts that led me to seek out beBee.聽 I was bored with LinkedIn and I don't like Facebook, so beBee here I am!

My attitude toward life has always been positive. I鈥檝e had my share of bumps in the road and feel these life events make me a stronger person. I love to reflect my moods in poetry, where I can be creative, whimsical, serious, or even melancholy. I also love reading poetry because it is intriguing to me to see feelings and emotions so beautifully expressed in flowing words.

So there you have a little more knowledge about me. I can鈥檛 express how thrilled I am to be connected with YOU. My experiences on beBee are truly delightful and it's because of YOU!聽

Warm Regards,

-Franci Eugenia Hoffman

Life is like a dream

It can be good or bad

It can be happy or sad

Death is like a dream


And unforgiving

In-between is like a dream

But still remains unseen

As experiences of your being

Life may be pleasant

Death may be peaceful

No shows won鈥檛 know

In-between may be troublesome

But, isn鈥檛 it what you make it?

Wise up and don鈥檛 forsake it


Franci Eugenia Hoffman - It's a way of life.

Franci enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it鈥檚 time for Franci to follow her dreams by doing things she enjoys鈥pending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, and writing poetry. Franci鈥檚 writing and creative endeavors can be found at her blogs, Eugi鈥檚 Causerie and Eugi鈥檚 Milieu. Franci has authored eBooks Fanciful Delights and Mama, me and Mother Nature, and also has writings at Spillwords, PoetrySoup, and聽


Jeff Toronto

1 month ago #83

What a remarkable post. Thank you for sharing!

Lina Chan

1 year ago #81

This is a great post, @Franci 馃悵Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador . You are an interesting lady!

Paul Walters

1 year ago #76

@Franci 馃悵Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador  One of the original stalwarts !! Nice to see you hanging in there, the boots no doubt help !!

Ken Boddie

1 year ago #75

I must have missed this one when it was posted, Franci, so thanks to @Lada 馃彙 Prkic for finding and sharing it. Nancy Sinatra would be jealous of those boots, but they鈥檙e definitely not for walking. 馃槀馃ぃ馃槀

Javier 馃悵 CR

1 year ago #74


John Rylance

5 years ago #72

#110 I think it was part of an "erudite" discussion on the merits of shoe fashion, whether such boots as you were wearing were as Nancy Sinatra sang "made for walking"
Yes, I believe the pic was on LI some time ago. That's true about retirement. I like the immature part - I can relate. 馃檭

John Rylance

5 years ago #70

I really enjoyed reading this piece. I must of missed it earlier when it was first posted. I remember the picture of you in boots from a post on LinkedIn. I have found retirement can be a chance to fulfill the adage "You are only young once, but can be immature for ever"
Thank you so much for commenting, Julio.
Thank you, Joyce. I wish I still had those boots. cc Gerald Hecht. 馃憿馃憿
Thank you for your kind comment, Praveen.
Thank you so much, Tausif. You are a wonderful and supportive friend. 馃
Thank you, Gert. I sincerely appreciate your support. I try to post Hive Talk once a week and wow! - I didn't realize I have posted 25 in 2017. I enjoy putting them together because I like to be creative.
It's a pleasure to know you better Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman
Such a nice share--thank you Franci.

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #62

Franci provides regular updates in her Hive Talk posts on what is happening on BeBee. This year alone she has posted twenty-five editions of Hive Talk. I am reviving this post of Franci, to say thank you for what you do for the beBee community. (CC Franci\ud83d\udc1dEugenia Hoffman )
Thank you for reading, Donna. Yes, my life has been good but had its share of challenges. I like to think I learned from them.:) We have a great time with the Impala. Reliving our days of yore, cruising and acting cool! Why bother to grow up now - hahaha! I can imagine the car in gold was gorgeous!
Thank you for the shares!
Thank you for reading and your comments, Anees Zaidi. I somehow missed this up until now. Make it a great day.
Gerald Hecht, I have seen photos of the boots, as well. Lace up boots have made a come back a few times. Classic styles are forever. Thank you for the tip and sorry I didn't see your comment before.
Thank you . I appreciate your lovely comment.
Good one Gerald Hecht. I have seen boots similar to those - they have come back in style (or maybe they never went out of style). I have lace up boots now but a little different style, and definitely for cold weather. 馃憿馃憿
Thank you Lisa Gallagher for your very kind comment.

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

6 years ago #54

Good to know how well you have recalled your past and summed up your present commitments to pen down your bio. Life is all good when you live it well with good intentions and inspiring deeds.

Lisa Gallagher

6 years ago #53

3k views interviewing yourself Franci Eugenia Hoffman (your bio). I think you'd be very successful interviewing others too! This is great.
Thank you Donna-Luisa Eversley. That is an old pic, by the way so obviously I have changed. 馃槹 I wish I still had the outfit, boots, hair and legs. I used to dance a lot and I mean a lot. I still dance but not as much. It is great exercise yet doesn't feel like exercise. Paul and I were working out with a personal trainer but the place went belly up. We need to find a new place and get back to it. I enjoy a good work out especially when the weather is cooler. I have more energy and motivation.
How was your birthday Donna-Luisa Eversley.
Gerald Hecht - I wish I had just stepped out of Carnaby St., but the outfit and the boots were purchased in Orlando. Oh, but how I love Carnaby St. I visited London twice in the early 1990s. I loved it!
Gerald Hecht - cool and thank you from me and me. 馃懕馃徎馃懕馃徎
I love the comments on the thread, as well. A lot of sincerity and a lot of fun. I wish I still had those boots!!

Gert Scholtz

6 years ago #47

Gerald Hecht Both of me are Geminis too.

Lisa Gallagher

6 years ago #46

Hey it's OK Franci Eugenia Hoffman interviews can be long!! I can never seem to keep anything short when I write, no matter how hard I try. Love the comments on your thread!

Gert Scholtz

6 years ago #45

Franci Eugenia Hoffman A charming post and what fortitude you show Franci!
I appreciate your comment Loribeth Pierson!
The feeling is mutual Mamen Delgado! 馃槈

Mamen 馃悵 Delgado

6 years ago #42

You are so beautiful Franci Eugenia Hoffman!!! I'm also thrilled to be connected with YOU!! 馃槏
Hey, Charles David Upchurch - could it be my split personality? My sign is Gemini so just maybe... Thank you for the great comment and intro.
I do beelieve I like your comment Robert Bacal.
Thank you Paul \. 馃槈
Thank you Vincent Andrew and thank you for sharing.
Thank you Sara Jacobovici.
Sara Jacobovici, the feeling is mutual. I truly enjoy your articles and appreciate the sharing of your knowledge.
Ali Anani, you have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. Thank you so much for your kind words.
Thank you Deb Helfrich. I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the photo is a sign of the times and some good ones too. I believe I have shed some of the dryness in my writing. Thank you for the uplifting comment.

Ali Anani

6 years ago #33

You are amazing my friend Franci Eugenia Hoffman. Maturity comes from learned experiences and finding creative alternatives. Mining your bio reflects the iceberg of your life journey and that beneath the surface there is a treasure of experience with lots of varieties.

Sara Jacobovici

6 years ago #32

"I can鈥檛 express how thrilled I am to be connected with YOU." - Franci Eugenia Hoffman

Sara Jacobovici

6 years ago #31

Great idea Franci Eugenia Hoffman. glad you gave me the chance to get to know you better. Wishing you all the best!
Thank you for the shares everyone. What a great group of bees!
Thank you for reading my bio and your very kind comment Randy Keho.
Thank you Queen Bee Donna-Luisa Eversley. We seem to walk to the same beat. That's a good feeling.
Happy Birthday!! Alan Geller.
Yes, I noticed we have similar last names. I appreciate your comment and find you a very supportive and welcoming person. I believe beBee brings out the best in all of us.
Thank you Jim Cody, and all the bees that make beBee so meaningful. Yes, Sally Sue is a 64 Impala SS. The previous owner named the car Sally Sue for the SS and we are keeping it that way. Someone once said "Life is not a dress rehearsal" and that has always stuck with me.

Randy Keho

6 years ago #24

I truly enjoyed reading your bio.. I feel I know you much better. The amazing woman behind the words has come into focus and become multi-dimensional Thank you, Franci Eugenia Hoffman
Thank you so much, Phil Friedman for you very kind comment. I am flattered by your comment.

Phil Friedman

6 years ago #22

Franci Eugenia Hoffman here tells us something about herself and her background, in such a non-assuming way, I am sure you will be touched by her gift.

Phil Friedman

6 years ago #21

Thank you, Franci Eugenia Hoffman, for sharing that self-profile with us in such a modest and unassuming. You've told, nay given us something of yourself, without any trace of brashness or conceit, that I for one am truly touched. To be trusted in that way, is something both unusual and gratifying, indeed. Cheers!
Thank you Juan Imaz. Thank you for reading it.
Thank you 馃槒
Thank you for much for reading it Tausif Mundrawala. Learning from experiences, whether good or bad, prepares us for the next chapter.
Thank you Chas Wyatt. I see a lot of new clothes in my future - preferably red!! 馃憲馃憼 馃憽 馃憿
Ohhh, I like! The Mysterious Saga of Franci Eugenia Hoffman. YES!
marcelo leiva - Gracias y mucha felicidad para usted. (I used Google translator for this one. I hope it is okay. If not someone let me know). 馃槈
Thank you so much Lisa Gallagher, I tried to keep it short. You know, as you get older more and more stuff happens. Some good and some bad. I like to spill out the positive side as much as possible.
You are so awesome Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, I wish I had those boots today. Sending lots of hugs your way.
Thank you Javier C\u00e1mara-Rica. You have a great day as well!
Thank you Irene Hackett for your comment. I wish I still had those boots! 馃憿 馃憿

Javier 馃悵 CR

6 years ago #9

Great bio and pic ! Franci Eugenia Hoffman ! thanks for sharing your life ! have the greatest day !莽

Lisa Gallagher

6 years ago #8

Great bio of Franci Eugenia Hoffman

Lisa Gallagher

6 years ago #7

Franci Eugenia Hoffman what an interesting bio! I'm so glad you shared what you did. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to lose your mom so young, then your father only 7 years later along with husband to divorce. You are an amazing woman who I really admire. Your love of life shines through in all you write. Keep it coming, I enjoy reading it. I love the photo of you and the car, my step father has a 67 mustang and goes to tons of car shows, he has so much fun.
Thank you Alan Geller. Hey, great three lines from Double Indemnity!
Thank you Gerald. I don't post many long form posts on beBee. I post most of them on my WordPress site and for another blogger - Millionaire's Digest. I am glad you liked it. 馃槈 馃槉 馃檪
Thank you Dean Owen. Sally Sue is a 1964 Impala SS. I think my pic and Sally Sue may be close to the same age.
Thank you Don Kerr. You make me smile.

don kerr

6 years ago #2

Excellent boots in the pic Franci Eugenia Hoffman! Love seein you come out to us a little more and sharing more of your story. Thank you.

Dean Owen

6 years ago #1

Very hip picture Franci Eugenia Hoffman, a sort of Twiggy meets the Brady Bunch ? That Tom Hanks Disney movie must have brought back some memories. Forgive my ignorance, although I love cars, I am not familiar with Sally Sue, but she looks a keeper for sure. Good luck with the car shows!

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