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A sick day revelation worthy of consideration

I am not sure just how wise it is to write a post while your mind is at half mast but here we go anyway. I find it very interesting that the two days I would believe were the worst two days of the month to get sick I was out for the count. As I mentioned before I am still not up and ready but tired of doing nothing, and typing is not to taxing. Regardless, back to the wrong days to be sick. Sunday and Monday were very busy days or I believed they would be. Both of these days are our longest collection days for Operation Christmas Child. Historically they are also days we receive a large percentage of the boxes we collect so being present I thought was a good idea.

Through the fog on Monday I noticed that other activities seemed to go sideways as well. So as I sat there, by now I was trying to sit up, I wondered just what was going on. I considered trying to go down town to help with the situation but failed to get very far. Standing up was just as far as I was able to achieve.

Well a new day has dawned and the earth is still here. The world stayed turning and it seems though I am not sure but it seems that most everything was accomplished. How is it that on these two amazingly busy days full of plans that go of the rails did things get accomplished without me? Am I not the most vital person, without whom the earth must simply pause and wait? Does not the world eagerly await my rising in the morning and morn when I must go to sleep?

Humility: realizing that you’re just not as essential as you might once have believed. And praising God for it!

Roll with the punches, stand when you can, and praise His name always!


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Greg Rolfe

4 years ago #5

Thank you.

Proma 🐝 Nautiyal

4 years ago #4

I like to take on a lot on my plate and keep working till the break down point arrives. I then hope that someone steps in and helps me out at my time of need. But this happens only in my personal life, at home, with my family. At work I ensure I keep adding value to my organisation and soon become irreplaceable. Of course, there is no such thing as irreplaceable in the corporate world, but as long as I can hold on to it, the better. There will be someone like me or better than me, of course, and I keep praying to God to give me the power to keep up with everything going on. Very nice and thought-provoking buzz, Greg Rolfe. I hope you are feeling better now. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Greg Rolfe

4 years ago #3

Very good follow up question.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #2

Having a sick day or personal days to take of personal business? Worrying about what you might be missing out on? Take a break on a quick read about self importance. You won't be disappointed.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #1

Self Importance. This is a very creeping delima. I believe down at the photon level we add a few each day that at some point our self importance rises beyond the reality. Of course we don't recognise this until an event such as yours. These are humbling and angering, at the same time, styled experiences. First i am humbled that i have found myself in the same place again, and angry because i am. This reminds me of the NYC garbage strike a couple of decades ago. No matter how you see sanitation, when it aint present it gets ugly fast. Thanks for the reminder that in the end we all wind up with a piece of granite and the next person will fill your shoes. The real question is what impression did you make on the ones you passed?

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