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A Republic, if you can Keep it

A Republic, if you can Keep it

The declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull

A republic, if you can Keep it

The forces of evil are winning. There is no line they will not cross and with our weak justice system, they will get away with it. These forces are very well organized and have the support of their fanatical base and those in the Democratic Party that are funded by the same interests that fund the obstructionist Republican party and their morally repugnant ideology.

We are in the middle of an ongoing banana republic coup, where our voting rights are attacked and endangered in many fronts via directed voter suppression and voting results overturn, risking a civil war. They already falsified electoral votes documents showing Trump as the winner, in states Biden won, a fraudulent felony our DOJ should address, and fast; and tried to impede the presidential certification of the winner via a violent insurrection, while organizing a military coup, and this not counting the global and local minefield they left to the current administration.

 We will have no other remedy than to vote in mass for the lesser of two evils to avoid a take over from the worst of the two evils, which is far less violent than the alternative the constitution offers when circumstances are based in factual treason and not a big lie. It took Hitler only four years to dismantle the Weimar Republic and take over Germany. We are facing just that.

The progressives should be aware that if the Democrats lose, they will blame it on them, not on the Obstructionist Republicans nor the corporate rats in the Democratic Party. No matter the results, the progressives must create their own party and caucus with whomever is in the best interest of our nation.


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