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7 Smart Tips for Greater Motivation!



When you are motivated, your productivity will skyrocket. However, there are times you will feel less motivated. This may be because you are not feeling well, you have no goals for yourself or you have lost your purpose. 

For these moments, here are tips for you to gain renewed inspiration or to rediscover your motivation.


1. Try NOT to Complain! Think Positively

Someone who is not satisfied with his / her job often tends to complain. This leads to more negative thoughts and there is also the risk that you 'infect' your colleagues with it. 

Therefore, focus on what you can change and not on what you have NO influence on.

Also, listen carefully to your thoughts and try to block the negative ones. Replace them with the good ones. The power of positive thinking is stronger than you think. 

2. Set a Daily Goal

If your work becomes too much or too boring, your motivation can suddenly disappear very quickly. Take a step back and set yourself one goal per day. This goal can be something small but also a bit more challenging. 

Try to accomplish that goal as best you can and reward yourself when you succeed. By setting goals and achieving them successfully, you subconsciously gain more confidence in your own abilities. That way, you can keep challenging yourself. That way it doesn't stay boring!

3. Visualize your Goals 

A nice way to keep motivating yourself is to visualize a goal that you have set for yourself. This can be, for example, a photo on your desktop background. The image should show the goal you want to achieve. 

This could be a financial goal, such as, a trip to Germany, or a physical goal, such as, running a marathon. 

Look for pictures that motivate you to achieve this goal. When you lose focus, you also lose motivation and this is a perfect way to keep reminding yourself. 


4. Find a Friend

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself, find someone with the same interests, who can motivate you. For example, an acquaintance from the gym or a close friend. You don't necessarily need to have exactly the same goals. As long as you keep encouraging each other to achieve your goals, you are fine.

5. Be Grateful

If you are in a negative mood for a moment, it helps to reflect on the things you are grateful for. The feeling of gratitude can drive away your negative feelings. Try this every day for a few minutes and maybe your inspiration and motivation will return. 


6. Keep learning

Thinking you already know everything is one of the biggest “inspiration killers”. Try to challenge yourself by learning something every day. 

Take a course, read a book or watch tutorials on YouTube. It doesn't even have to be work related. Find something outside of your comfort zone that you have always wanted to know more about. Perhaps you will get new inspiration which can be helpful apply on a professional or personal level. 

7. Read Inspiring Quotes

Over the centuries, there have been many striking and well-known figures with inspiring sayings and quotes. 

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