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7 Benefits of online booking for your tour & activity business


The internet has become an invaluable tool in the development of the booking process. The growth of the industry in this modern era ushered in the need for faster, convenient, and reliable booking systems. Online booking steered many businesses, especially tour and activity companies into the 21st century. People can now compare prices online, check trip details, book a trip, and pay online with just a few clicks. 

Reasons why you should go for online booking 

1. Available around-the-clock

If a customer calls your office to inquire about your services and nobody answers or gets routed to voicemail, chances are they will turn to your competitors. With an online reservation system, there’s no need to worry about missed opportunities like this during non-office hours. An around-the-clock scheduling platform maximizes potential business. 

During office hours, your employees don’t have to be tied up on the phone answering booking queries since customers can use your online scheduling program. This also presents your company with an opportunity to save money because you don’t have to pay extra for staff members to work on graveyard shifts. 

Customers don’t have to wait until your office reopens because an online booking system makes your business available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that customers can book whenever and wherever they are. 

2. Optimal reservations

Shifting from traditional offline methods such as manual pen-and-paper scheduling and phone bookings can help you eliminate no-shows. If a customer decides to cancel (within an unexpected time frame), his slot automatically becomes available online. This feature gives another customer the chance to book that slot. Online booking maximizes your reservation potential so that you can enjoy optimal results and minimize unused slots. 

3. Stress-free calendar management

Customers can easily check reserved and available dates through a real-time booking calendar. An individual can book a trip without worrying about scheduling conflicts with other people. Double booking problems will become a thing of the past. 

4. Booking portal for mobile devices

In this modern era, mobile device users have surpassed desktop users. With smartphones becoming more technologically advanced, people can now do a lot of things with their phones from online shopping to payment transactions. People who are always on the go prefer mobile devices over desktops because they are convenient to bring anywhere. 

Many water sports companies have revamped their old websites to align them in this modern world. An optimal website that fits the needs of present-day users should be able to load fast and has a mobile responsive design. 

5. Hassle-free online payment

With a website equipped with a booking program, customers can conveniently pay online in advance for boat charters, tours, and watersport activities. This payment method saves you the hassle of worrying about customers paying you on the day of the trip. You can focus on providing the best service since payment has been taken care of ahead of time. Furthermore, a secure online payment system eliminates the inconvenience of bank transfers or the need for customers to bring a big amount of cash on the day of the trip.

6. Visible on search engines

Many travelers turn to the Internet to plan their trips. It’s now second nature for modern travelers to search for information about their destinations, accommodations, charter services, tour activities, and more. Your tour and activity website can enjoy the advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Make sure that you have an “SEO-ready” website to optimize traffic to your website coming from search engine results. 

7. Tap travel directories

By tapping on travel directories such as TripAdvisor, your water sports business has the chance to reach more customers. This can boost the traffic to your website and generate more leads. You can create a listing and provide vital information about your services including rates and trip inclusions. Upload eye-catching photos of your services to help entice users to book a trip. 

Online booking in a nutshell

The Internet has revolutionized the tourism industry. Many modern consumers are turning to online booking systems to plan their trips. The ease, convenience, and dependability of online booking eliminate scheduling conflicts. With an online scheduling platform, tour and activity businesses can enjoy optimal reservations and hassle-free payment.

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