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5 Tote bags any woman should have

Women love their bags. They prefer bags that complement their personality. Fashion is all about mirroring your personality through your fashion choices. These fashionistas or fashion icons talk plenty about the bags of the year, must-have bags for women, and purses to purchase. If you have any interest in knowing about the options of tote bags for work, shopping tote bags, travel tote bags, gym tote bags, custom tote bags, or canvas tote bags, then you are at the perfect place as here we are going to discuss five types of tote bags modern women should own, wear and love.

The almighty canvas shopping tote bag


Many women own canvas shopping tote bags. These eco-friendly products make a great option for plastic bags we use for shopping. It is also a stylish and trendy option that makes even grocery shopping interesting. You have to use canvas tote bags gently and take their utmost care. Women like to have multiple canvas shopping tote bags handy for a better shopping experience. 

If you have not used it before, we suggest that a perfect canvas tote bag is the one with a full gusset. The size of those shopping tote bags should simplify your process of carrying your complete grocery list in one go. You can also take advantage of the side and bottom gussets to create more space. These canvas shopping tote bags are durable also, and their handles make the bags very easy to carry. 

Every shopping tote bag and the canvas tote bag will be different from each other. You have to find the one which suits you best as per your requirements. Do not use the same tote bags to bring vegetables and meats, or dairy products. Use separate tote bags to buy meats or dairy products. You have to pack your groceries perfectly before putting them in the bag to maintain canvas shopping tote bags' hygiene and quality.

The crossbody small tote

Every time you will not need a huge bag to carry purchased items or your personal belongings. When you are going out for a few hours, a small cross-body tote bag will be an ideal option. So, a custom tote bag does not impact your freedom while you go out with a sustainable style. This type of canvas tote bag is perfect when you go for leisure walks, casual outings, or dates. It is exemplary to carry a phone, wallet, or sunglasses case. These travel tote bags give your comfort and style in equal amounts, and you cannot go wrong with these cross-body small canvas tote bags

It can be a perfect companion for a vacation as you can pack it in the luggage easily and use it as travel tote bags or tourist purses when you are exploring a new city. It is functional to carry a water bottle, phone, snacks, and other necessary things while traveling. It can be a versatile option for you while following your daily schedule and do those small daily activities.

The Posh Jute Business Tote for a professional look

If you believe in certain principles and support eco-friendly products, then Jute fabric is the best option. They look remarkably captivating, and it doesn't impact your morals and ethics being an eco-friendly product and fabric. In the current marketplace, nobody can match its popularity. They are popular because it makes women's lives more comfortable and posh. Large and heavy jute, tote bags for work, cotton fashion bags or laptop tote bags are a perfect choice for your regular office days or professional meetings.

Multi-functional bag

As the name suggests, multi-functional bags are usable for any purpose. You can use it as laptop tote bags, tote bags for work, shopping tote bags, book tote bags, travel tote bags, gym tote bags, custom reusable tote bags, canvas tote bags, or any other purposes that fit your motive. They look mightily stylish yet informal. Therefore, many prefer using them as they blend in on any occasion. Be it a workplace or a cool hangout with your friends or colleagues, they offer reliability, style, and comfort. You can put many things in the interior and exterior compartments for safe storage.

Ultimate beach bag

A large beach bag with zippers for more protection should be on every woman’s shopping list. They are fun to bring to the seaside or the pool, and they carry multiple items. You can purchase it in various color combinations, and their other attributes include waterproof, sand-proof, durable, resilient to wear and tear, and dapper. Whenever you decide to go to the beach or pool, you may need a bag to carry certain essential items, and this ultimate beach bag is your perfect solution.

Women will have infinite reasons to carry canvas tote bags, and the above-mentioned types may help you pick the correct for your requirement.

Reusable bags are popular

As we all know, plastic bags are dreadful for the environment. You can't recycle it or decompose it. You can find plastic bags everywhere, and they stay there for years and pose dangers to the environment and animals. Plastic bags on beaches harm fishes, seabirds, marine animals, as they can get trapped in one of those bags, which lead to exhaustion, starvation, and sometimes death. Therefore, everyone should use custom reusable tote bags and eco-friendly products.

What are custom reusable tote bags?

Custom reusable tote bags are a type of custom tote bag that can be reused multiple times. Slowly, we all are acknowledging global warming and pledging to avoid single-use plastic. In these times, custom reusable tote bags come in handy for carrying items from grocery or retail stores. We all must understand that the canvas tote bags are reusable, but not all custom reusable tote bags are made of canvas.

Let's understand why reusable tote bags have become so popular.

1. Easy to carry and have more capacity to hold

Custom reusable tote bags are easy to carry than plastic bags. Plastic bags can be torn apart or damaged easily, while these reusable bags are far more superior in durability. These bags are bigger and better and allow you to fit more products in lesser bags. 

2. Reduce clutter

Due to its inability to decompose and recycling, we start storing plastic grocery bags. It becomes very messy and unorganized after a point in time due to overflowing plastic bags in the house. If you start using custom reusable tote bags, you will not have to store plastic bags that you hardly use after one time. 

3. Save money

Many supermarkets have started charging extras for plastic bags, so if you start using reusable bags, then you may end up saving all that money. Yes, that saving will not make you a millionaire but a couple of cents here and there can impact your overall monthly budget.

4. Social cause

You may not participate in many social activities or charity events, if you start using these reusable bags, then you are taking steps forward to spread environmental awareness all over the globe. When you start using those tote bags at supermarkets in your daily routine, then others may notice you and ask you about it. So, you can take that opportunity to help them understand the benefits of using custom reusable tote bags. Hopefully, you inspire the world and bring the necessary change. 

5. Cute & Fun

Custom reusable tote bags can be cute and fun as you can design them according to your likes, and they can have a bright and vibrant color combination that catches everyone's attention. In short, they fulfill the requirement of being stylish, and their durability serves the purpose, too. 

6. Multi-purpose

Its usage is not limited to shopping and storing groceries. You can use it on your trips or night-outs. They are equipped to carry clothes for an overnight trip, so you don't miss out on any adventures.

Pick the perfect reusable bag:

Not every custom reusable tote bag is the same. Some are flashier than others, and some of those can't hold enough stuff. Here, we will be telling you how to pick your perfect reusable bag. Check some of the most valuable attributes a bag should have:

Fold ability: 

Stiff bags can create chaos in your life, and fold ability brings peace and flexibility. Fold ability allows you to store bags easily at any place. 


You should always check whether those bags are comfortable for you or not. Some may like softer bags, and others may prefer long shoulder handles. Therefore, pick a bag that suits your comfort. 


A bag should hold a lot of stuff, so you can avoid carrying multiple bags. Some bags may not carry the weight of all the products or items. Therefore, you should pick a bag durable enough to hold all of your stuff. 


Bags created from recycled materials are great options. You can recycle 100% cotton bags, and therefore they are decent picks. 


As we earlier suggested, your bags should not be used for a single purpose. You should be able to carry them on multiple occasions. If your bag's seal can be closed or have an extra storage compartment, then you are blessed.

So, why are you waiting? Make the switch and allow reusable bags to make your life simpler and comfortable.

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