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40/40/40 Plan – Is this what you really want?


Lelia Tel TY]

Have you ever heard of the 40-40-40 Plan?  This is what the majority of people go to college to get our education for .  The 40-40-40 Plan is where someone works a job 40 hours a week, for 40 years of their life, and retires on 40% less than what they couldn’t live on in the first place.  According to Social Security Statistic, this plan also has over a 95% failure rate.  I realized I couldn’t keep climbing the corporate ladder with someone always above me.

This is the plan that the majority of all the world is doing because they don't know there is another way.  This was what I had planned for myself.  I was doing this because I, myself, new nothing else.  My college professors, family, and friends told me this was the only way.

Yet, the other small percent of the world lived a different lifestyle.  It’s not that I wasn’t working hard, it’s they knew what I did not.  These people all owned a business system of some type.

This meant I had to change the way I thought, and actions I took.

I'll let top-selling author, and business-man, Robert Kiyosaki do the explaining:

Click Here"
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