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4 Key Ways to Stay Mentally Sharp Throughout the Aging Process

4 Key Ways to Stay Mentally Sharp Throughout the Aging Process

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To say the least, aging is no fun. For most people, aging involves some level of cognitive decline. But staying sharp during the aging process is definitely possible; in fact, keeping the mind honed can even be fun. Here are a few great ways to keep your mind focused and strong no matter what time throws at you.

1. Find Logic Puzzles That You Enjoy

To really get the most out of logic puzzles, you'll want to be sure that you enjoy doing them as a hobby. Logic puzzles that are stressful or unenjoyable are probably logic puzzles that you will put off doing indefinitely. The key here is to avoid procrastination.

To really get into the logic puzzle habit, in fact, try working through a few different logic puzzles to see which ones you have fun completing. Although it's not for everyone, the New York Times crossword puzzle can certainly keep our minds sharp. Watching the show "Jeopardy!" is also a great way to combine puzzles with cognitive "exercises" so to speak. Moreover, many people develop a passion for the game of chess; sites like provide fantastic resources and puzzles for players at all levels.

2. Cultivate a Love of Reading

You don't have to read "The Odyssey" in Homeric Greek to challenge yourself while reading. Indeed, the very act of reading a book can strengthen your problem-solving skills. Almost any book will do: The important thing is to make reading a regular part of your day. Even if you only make time for ten minutes of reading on a daily basis, try to get in the habit of regularly challenging yourself by reading books.

3. Stay Social

In the age of coronavirus lockdowns, staying social is not always possible. But health professionals are in agreement that socializing prevents cognitive decline. For the shy among us, getting out and socializing can sometimes feel like a tall order. But the benefits of socializing are many: Get in the habit, and you just might feel refreshed and even younger!

4. Be Creative

Whether or not you have an artistic bent, finding a creative project to work on can really help you to strengthen your critical thinking skills. If you don't have a creative hobby, try learning a new one: Online classes abound for individuals who want to learn how to paint, compose music, or write poetry. Who knows, you might just find a second career as a professional artist!


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I totally agree.

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