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3 Ways You Can Enhance Audience Engagement In Your Events

Every Audio visual company in Toronto will agree that when it comes to measuring the success of an event audience engagement is the key metric. Gaining the focused attention of the audience all through an event is no mean task.  Thankfully, audio visual production experts in Toronto today have access to several tools and resources to enhance audience engagement and therefore the overall success of your event. 


AV rentals Toronto is an affordable option too

Many of the modern day audio visual equipment tend to be expensive and therefore AV rentals Toronto is your affordable option to keep your costs low. While technology will facilitate audience engagement in several ways, proper planning of the event is always in the hands of the event organizers. When your presentation is effectively designed to engage the audience with interactive sessions, you can enhance the impact with the help of technology. Consider the following elements to help you with this objective.

1. Live polling

Most audio visual production houses Toronto will vouch for the efficacy of live polling during your event.  By incorporating live polling into your event you can achieve significant engagement rate and fulfill your ultimate goal from the event. This exercise should be on a larger scale than merely picking audience at random and asking them questions or giving them some activity.  On the other hand, if your speaker includes live polling during the presentation, quizzes or Q&A sessions, it helps you to collect and compile valuable data and optimize the success rate from your future events. 

2. Keynote speakers

Have you ever noticed how great key note speakers contribute to an event? In fact, most of the audience assembles to see and listen to the celebrity speaker and have some fun too. Choice of your key note speaker is crucial to the success of your event. But, you should also consider the personality of your audience while choosing your keynote speaker.  Your AV rentals Toronto can also help you with their experience in this regard. A humorous speaker can enthuse and engage your audience and explaining your objective from the event to the speaker will help him plan out the session incorporating some interactive components. You can even plan some one-to-one sessions between the audience and your speaker for enhanced efficacy.

3. Gamification

Most of us are aware that games of varying descriptions, physical as well as digital command a huge fan following. Global revenue from gaming is already in excess of $220 billion and expected to explode further in the coming years. Therefore you need have no doubt that gaming is an easy route to incite the engagement of your audience and attract to the core purpose of your event. Provide the audience with a link to download a specific game you have identified or created and request them to share it via the play store. You can gain similar impact from activities like quiz games, hunting for gift baskets etc. If you fall short of ideas, check with your audio visual production house Toronto for help. 

When you work closely with an audio visual product company in Toronto, you stand to gain significantly from their experience, both in terms of technology as well as cutting edge ideas to get the best out of your event. 

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